Women's Lib: Alicia Rose Talks Biodynamic Cannabis

This HerbaBuena founder wants you to have the best weed.

Alicia Rose is passionate about providing top-notch cannabis products to all, including people like her—a discerning parent and professional with a commitment to health, wellbeing, and sustainability. 

Last year, she founded the cannabis collective HerbaBuena, which thoughtfully collects solution-specific, carefully-dosed products and special cultivations of organically grown and certified biodynamic flower strains.

HerbaBuena offers informed patient consultations and care, and a series of educational experiences—all geared toward a more discerning clientele of parents and professionals who expect the same standards in their medicine as they find in their organic food or fine wine.

She's on the brink of taking cannabis product development and education to the next level. 

The KIND: What is it like being a woman the cannabis space?

Alicia Rose: I find it to be incredibly empowering. Coming from the wine industry, I’m used to working in a male-dominated field. We’re still dealing with a “good old boys” network in many cases (especially those coming from the black market and those in finance and investing), but the majority of people who I see doing things right and with intention are strong, capable, and really intelligent women. My kick-ass CFO is a woman! Cannabis is a healing spirit plant, that also happens to be most prized in its female form. It makes sense that the women and mammas are the ones being charged with bringing it back into the light.

The Kind: What's next for HerbaBuena?

Alicia Rose: We’re in the midst of establishing an outdoor, deeply organic cultivation project focused on strains with a balanced cannabinoid profile. I’m working on developing a few new products including a facial serum and breast massage oil (to address the fact that my part of California has some of the highest rates of skin cancer and breast cancer in the nation), and I’m working on plans for our first flagship retail dispensary.

The Kind: You released the first demeter-certified biodynamic cannabis. Tell me about that.

Alicia Rose: When it comes to cultivating medicine and spirit plants, the intention and purity with which they’re grown is as important as the strain. Because of federal law, cannabis can’t be certified organic. Frankly, I’m not sure certified organic farming goes deep enough anyway. Since I’ve worked with biodynamic farmers for food and cult wines, it seemed only natural that cannabis could be certified BD too.

When you’re growing something as potent and magical as cannabis, it all matters.

The Kind: So what is biodynamic farming? 

Alicia Rose: It’s a holistic approach to farming that builds upon the concepts of organic regulations (as defined by the USDA National Organic Program), and brings the cannabis to the next level. Biodynamics goes beyond basic organic standards by requiring farming practices that improve the health of the entire ecosystem, including the soil, plants, animals, and humans that it supports. It works on the principle of biodiversity and the natural cycles of the earth to attain a healthy, balanced ecosystem. When you’re growing something as potent and magical as cannabis, it all matters.

The Kind: Do you really notice a difference with biodynamically-certified cannabis?

Alicia Rose: Absolutely. There’s a full-spectrum experience with our BD flowers that is nuanced and expansive, balanced and grounded, all at the same time. The difference in how this medicine makes you feel—compared to that which is grown in warehouses under artificial light, fed petrochemicals, forced to bloom, and treated with pesticides—is profound and palpable.

The Kind: What's your favorite type of cannabis? 

Alicia Rose: I generally vaporize my flowers, rather than smoking them. Hands down, my favorite strains are those with a balanced cannabinoid profile and a 2:1 or 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. We carry a beautiful phenotype of Cannatonic that is my go-to. I also really love strains based on Jack Herer—the terpene profile and happy high is perfect as a daily, feel-good medicine that helps me manage stress.

I don’t smoke or vaporize every day. My favorite and most-used daily products are Rock & Roll Uplifting Elixir, the Pleasure Pack (which includes Quiver Sensual Lube, Bliss Aphrodisiac Elixir, 2 Sexy Mamma Pre-Rolls and a selenite wand) and our Body Balm which includes 1000mg of THC for the greatest pain relieving effect. I three-day evented horses until I was 25 and had a few pretty epic spills.