Women's Lib: Sweetflag Talks Cool Weed Shops

Treat yourself to some sweet, sweet Sweetflag.

Sweetflag is the coolest of online smoke shops. Seriously, you can buy things made for every stoner witch

The ladies behind Sweetflag know how to curate the coolest of collections too. They sell the most minimal and beautiful pieces for every phase of your smoke life. The shop is divided up into three sections: Before, during, and after. They've got things like meditation balls, ceramic pipes, and cannabis candles. Basically every thing you've ever wanted and more.

We caught up with Luren and Lydia to find out more about their sweet, sweet style. 

The KIND: Why did you start Sweetflag?

Sweetflag: We started Sweetflag to offer an alternative culture shop for women who smoke, girls who know what they want. We didn't see any shops that had all the amazing new designs people have been making in one place; so we tried to bring all our favorite lifestyle accessories together and work with artists and designers to make what we couldn't find.

When we started working on Sweetflag, there weren't any shops focused on women, and most pipe shops put out a pretty masculine vibe. We wanted to create a fun femme space with the experience of being in a great store, where you want to hang out with a friend, but online. Thus Sweetflag!

The idea that women don't smoke or that they want the same things as your average Brad Chad is crazy. We are discerning. We are aesthetic and material-sensitive. We want more!

The KIND: What’s it like being a woman in the industry?

Sweetflag: We're really excited to see women represented in leadership in the industry as it grows! All our friends are boss babes and that's who we're inspired by and who we work to inspire. We went to the Women Grow summit in Denver in February, and being in an auditorium with thousands of women got us so pumped.

The KIND: How do you curate products?

Sweetflag: We try to think about the styles and personalities of women who inspire us. We buy for and try to have a choice of each type of product for each of them. So we end up with a range that definitely represents our tastes, but also reaches past just what we would buy for ourselves and represents more of what is out there and what we think people might like. We buy for a liberated person who is thoughtful and considered and thorough in seeking out what she wants—but smart and with a sense of humor.

All the things are useful and beautiful: That is the overarching principle behind what we're looking for. It can't be just one or the other.

The KIND: Where do you find inspiration?

Sweetflag: Everywhere—history, architecture, dance, stories, songs. Materials we see in art and nature and buildings... We're inspired by what this type of product can look like—like anything in our dreams—rather than be limited by what exists already and what our expectations are.

We're inspired by the possibility of changing perceptions about women who smoke. We're inspired by each other and women everywhere.

The KIND: What are your favorite products?

Sweetflag: Right now I'm really digging some of our newer stuff. The Brancusi limestone pipe, the Mater Soaps, which are made with hempseed oil, our Ankh Clip collaboration with High Society Collection. My new favorite is probably our Witch Kit, which contains our herbal smoke blend and our intention papers packed together in a handy little woven box. 

We've worked with lots of female artists and designers to develop our exclusive products, and we're still really psyched about that.

The KIND: What kind of cannabis do you like to use?

Sweetflag: I'm a classic girl: Jack Herer.

The KIND: Favorite smoke spot?

Sweetflag: A chill walk. I'm always inspired when I'm moving forward.