10 End Zone Dance Moves in Full Gif Glory

Score! Score! And score again!

Touchdown celebrations are not to be taken lightly. In fact, some of the most fun and choreographed moves are not just frowned upon by the NFL, but they are considered actual offenses. Meaning, you dance, you could be charged a fine, and your team might loose some yardage. Specifically, if you use a prop (a towel or the ball or a rabbit in a hat) after you score your touchdown, you will be charged with a 15-yard penalty and scolded for "excessive celebration."

Still, the joy of scoring can not be tamed. NLF players continue to hump the air and dance like nobody’s watching. And in case you were wondering, you too can learn how to create your very own end zone celebration to impress your family this holiday season. Combine any of the moves below to create a unique dance that is sure to wow just about anyone.

1. Zumba

2. Human Drill

3. Gamble Then Rain 

4. Robot Stanky Leg

5. Sex Things

6. Upper Body Salsa

7. Limbo

8. Flower Picking

9. Squat, Shake, Wave

10. Electric Slide Superhero