10 Epic Snow Fails in Gifs That Will Crack Your Ribs

Misfortune is funny when if falls from the sky and lands in gifs.

Snow is lovely, white, sparkly, and can really put you in the holiday spirit. Until it's too cold, hard, dirty, and just gross.

Before you put on your winter boots, remember that ice crystals falling from the sky can accumulate into some pretty epic fails, and provide a few solid reasons to hate winter. 

Snow is slippery. 

Really, really slippery. 

It get's really gross and dirty, and turns sewer water brown. 

Snow makes idiot humans think they are invincible. 

Like they can defy nature and do anything. 

Animals too. 

Mean parents allow children to play in snow.

Because dumb parents want photos of kids in the snow. 

And people can't drive in the snow. 

Still, the magic of snow brings out the very best in humanity.