5 Camp Spots That Will Blow Your Mind

Calling for room service will be the last thing you think of.

Got the adventure bug, but don't have the funds to book something European and five-star? Traveling doesn't have to break the bank. Camping is a great way to take an inexpensive trip deep into the glory of Mother Nature without having to endure a TSA pat down and TWA's punitive customer service. You don't even need to own a tent or a sleeping bag. Just rent gear for a weekend.

The only things you're required to bring of your own are snacks, hiking shoes, and your favorite form of intoxication. 

Don't limit yourself to national park status. Check your local areas for campgrounds and parks. They're everywhere, and probably right under your nose, and you might be surprised how cheap it is to spend the night under the stars.  

These campsites book out months in advance, and if you're looking for a spring or summer adventure, book now. 

Image via Al_HikesAZ/Flickr 

1. Munds Wagon Trail, Sedona, AZ

Winding through the Coconino National Forrest, the Munds Wagon Trail is a sight for city sore eyes. Rich in color and beauty, this nature hike is the perfect reason to venture outside. Check out waterfalls, and even consider braving it in the winter for some spectacular snowy views. There are plenty of great campgrounds in the Sedona area. Reserve early because this wilderness wonderland books up fast.

Image via Forest Service Northern Region/Flickr

2. Lolo National Forest, MT

The lush Lolo National Forest is a magical two million acres of beauty. Located in central Montana, the spot is ideal for camping and hiking. Lolo is full of monstrous green trees and ideal swimming holes in nearly every campground. Keep your eyes peeled for the Tree Swallow. They are adorable and fluttering all over the forest.

Image via Randall Chancellor/Flickr

3. Colorado Bend State Park, TX

Not too far from Austin is a wildness reserve area called Colorado Bend State Park that features a 65-foot waterfall—Gorman Falls. That waterfall runs all year and connects to some of the most enchanting and cool swimming holes in the country. Check out the wild caves while you're there.

Image via Angel La Canfora /Flickr

4. Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Camp next to unique rock formations that will blow your mind, while sleeping under the starry desert night sky. Take a path into the other planetary landscape of Joshua Tree National Park and enjoy hundreds of nature walks and some extreme hikes, too. Perfect for a rock climber's vacation, or a group getaway with friends.

Image via Pinellas County/Flickr

5. Fort De Soto Park, St. Petersburg, FL

Who says you need bags of money to enjoy a perfect tropical getaway? Fort De Soto Park in St. Petersburg, Florida, is the perfect place to unwind for pennies on a million-dollar beach. Campout and explore canoe trails, birdwatching, and endless beaches and trails. There's modern campground (with running water and a fun camp store too); so you can relax and enjoy white sand beaches. Play army in the old fort built by suggestion of Robert E. Lee.