5 Questions; 20 Pics: Nature's Favorite Photographer Yohan Terraza

Yohan Terraza is a French photographer who splits his time between shooting weddings and taking some of the most mind blowing landscape photos you'll see. THE KIND caught Yohan between flights, and he agreed to answer some questions we had about his life.

THE KIND: You do a lot of long-exposure shots. What do you do while you wait for the photos to finish?
Yohan Terraza
: Actually, I'm both behind and in front of the camera (most of the time) for these night pictures; so when I'm in posing, I simply do not move! Otherwise, nothing in particular, except waiting to see the picture on the screen, make a small analysis, and start over until I have something I really like.

THE KIND: What's with the hatred of Ben Stiller? Seems kind of random.
Yohan TerrazaI've nothing in particular against Ben Stiller (the character himself) but as an actor, and this is only my opinion, he probably is the most boring man on hearth... All his movies are so boring including Walter Mitty, no matter all the beautiful landscapes of Iceland.

THE KIND: Where's your favorite place to get lost?
Yohan Terraza: My favorite place to feel a powerful loneliness would be the mountain. I'm a mountain lover.

THE KIND: Other than camera gear, what are you always traveling with? And don't say your phone.
Yohan TerrazaI always have a notebook with me when I'm traveling. Writing is so important to me and a fabulous way to share your feelings and experiences on the field. Poetry can be seen and read. I write things at the end of the day and when I get back, I write.

THE KIND: What can you tell us that most people will not know?
Yohan TerrazaI could say that most of people probably don't realize that pain is part of the journey, and you have to accept it. This is not just something that you want to avoid, but a real opportunity to find a warm place in your mind and keep going to move on. Getting away from your comfort zone is probably the best way to know yourself.