Chill No Chill: Can You Handle the World's Hottest Chip?

Super spicy chip maker Paqui Chips has created its most deadliest, hottest, chip yet: The Carolina Reaper Madness chip.

You buy the chip one at a time, in a coffin-shaped box. If you dare to eat it, just remember that it’s literally made of the hottest pepper in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Paqui Chips recommends chasing the chip with yogurt or milk, in case it wasn’t terrible enough already. You can buy one chip for $4.99 during the limited-edition offering now through October 1. You can also video yourself basically dying while eating this super crazy chip and hashtag #onechipchallenge if you dare. 

So is a chip hot enough to curl your gums chill because squad goals entails taking one for the team? Or no chill due to please have some respect for your morning-after asshole?