Corn Flakes Were Created to Stunt Masturbation?

How do you begin your day? Do you indulge in a quick wake-and-bake on an invigorating sativa in order to get the brain juices flowing and stimulate ideas? Sometimes, us humans wake up horny as hell. Thus, a wake-and-wank is actually sometimes in order before we've even poured our first bowl of cereal. Which is ironic, as the kingpin of all breakfast cereals––the Kellogg Company––actually produced what we now know as Corn Flakes in an effort to stop folks from masturbating. Kind of. It's actually a long story involving the Kellogg brothers: John Harvey and Will. John Harvey was a bit of a prude, and developed the first iteration of the corn and grain cereal under the impression that a healthy diet would aid in the fight against flagellation. Is the real agenda or Corn Flakes no chill? Or was John Harvey's aversion to pleasure misguided, albeit chill?