At ShowGrow, You'll Find High Art and Dope Marijuana In Downtown Los Angeles

ShowGrow's DTLA dispensary marries culture and cannabis.

Downtown Los Angeles is an inspiring place. The city is awash in art and color, with murals and street-influenced paintings adorning the walls of office-buildings and skyscrapers. It's a home for artists. And LA is where you'll find some of the best weed in the country. Los Angeles is alive and sometimes terrifying, but the California city is still a mostly beautiful creative hub.

"Throughout history, art has helped break down barriers," Matt Smiley said to KINDLAND. "And cannabis and art have a symbiotic relationship, Because art can be equally subjective."

Smiley is the art curator at ShowGrow medical marijuana dispensary. And recently, the downtown weed-retailer debuted a display of artworks produced by notable pot enthusiasts. 

"We're breaking down barriers the right way."

 "The idea to integrate art within the dispensary experience downtown was something [myself and ShowGrow’s CEO David Barakett] collectively thought would lend itself very well to reshaping the perception of the industry, Smiley said to KINDLAND. "

"We're breaking down barriers the right way," Smiley said to KINDLND.

Artists whose work is featured by ShowGrow in its lobby, and inside the actual dispensary itself, which you'll require your medical marijuana recommendation to enter, include a portrait of Snoop Dogg, shot by photographer Sasha Young, figure studies by French filmmaker Arghaë, a watercolor painting done by Marilyn Manson, and a stencil made by "Jesus Hands," or Zachary Cole, one half of the L.A.-based art collective responsible for the "Hollyweed" sign prank earlier this year, among other works. 

"The personal history of the artists is a huge component in selecting what we ultimately decide to showcase in the gallery. I do my best to attend as many openings as possible to meet emerging artists and maintain my relationship with those already established," Smiley told KINDLAND.

"Convincing the first few artists took some time, but when you're seeing hundreds of patients walk through the door on a daily basis, it's a bit tough for successful galleries to compete with that kind of foot traffic," he said. "The personal history of the artists is a huge component in selecting what we ultimately decide to showcase in the gallery." 

And ShowGrow's cannabis-loving client-base enjoys the display.

"For the most part, patients are hugely appreciative of the work we have on our walls," Smiley said to KINDLAND. 

The brand has dispensary locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Nevada. 

Images courtesy of ShowGrow.