Burger King Employees Allegedly Slanging Weed Out the Drive-Thru

'Fries extra crispy' was code for 'let me cop some trees,' cops say.

Pulling up to a Burger King drive-thru to pickup some burgers and fries and, at participating locations, 10 chicken nuggets for $1.49, is an act that oftentimes might follow a hearty weed-smoking session. Two BK employees in Epping, New Hampshire, however, were arrested recently for reversing that natural order of things, after being caught allegedly selling weed under the code-order "fries extra crispy." 

Unfortunately for said-to-be culprits, Garrett "Nasty Boy" Norris and assistant shift manager Megan Dearborn, local cops got wind of their whopper of a drug-dealing operation, and sent in an undercover office to shut that shit down. 

From SeaCoast Online:

"Police conducted an investigation on Jan. 21 at the Route 125 Burger King, where an undercover purchase resulted in the arrest of Garrett Norris, 20, of Raymond, for allegedly distributing marijuana. Police said buyers would pull up to the drive-through and ask if "Nasty Boy" was working, Norris' nickname. When confirmed, an order was placed for french fries "extra crispy," which was the code for wanting to purchase drugs, police said. Norris then produced an amount of marijuana in a Burger King coffee cup separate from the french fries and food order."

But apparently, having it your way does not grant customers the option to swap out a mocha for a coffee cup filled to the brim with weed. The two suspects were arrested, taken to the local precinct, released on a $2,500 bail, and will reportedly await a February 22 arraignment. There has not yet been any word of dissatisfied customers who might have simply just preferred a crispier french fry.

This story could be filed under "dumb criminals who get caught," but here's hoping Norris and Dearborn's  drive-thru window business model catches on at legal marijuana dispensaries.  Who knows, perhaps in 20 years, if the plant is legal, Burger King will re-introduce the "Nasty Boy" special, and even provide drive-thru customers with more than one ketchup packet.