Chill / No Chill: 'Drugs, Inc.'

Drugs are commonly cast as the subject of documentary films. Search any online streaming service or get so high that you invent a time machine, and go walk the aisles of the now-extinct Blockbuster video. You'll find enough drug-docs than you could watch them all and be a glutton about it. This is especially fun to do, while also doing drugs.

National Geographic is now seven seasons deep in its docu-series Drugs, Inc. The show shines an informative and insightful light on the war on drugs, the criminals it turns people into, and the police officers on the front lines. 

The program also employs less-than-impressive motion graphics, is narrated in a tone that amps up the drama, and generally comes off as alarmist and misleading. Is Drugs, Inc. chill on the lone grounds of its core content? Or is dressing up the global drug problem as if it were an episode of America's Most Wanted just plain cheesy and no-chill AF?