Did Target Start Selling CBD And Immediately Bail?

What’s with the CBD tease, bro?

On Thursday, several outlets reported Target had officially begun selling CBD extracts and supplements provided by Charlotte’s Web—or at least on Target.com anyway. Now, it seems mutual fans of Target and weed were a little too quick to celebrate as the items have since disappeared from the site.

To get you up to speed, Charlotte’s Web (also known as CW Hemp) is a Colorado-based business specializing in legal, CBD extracts, supplements, and topicals that you can buy in any U.S. state. According to both BuzzFeed and The Cannabist, CW Hemp announced its partnership with Target early Thursday morning. Going on Target.com initially corroborated that announcement, showing products ranging in price from $34.99 to $74.99. 

But by the end of the day, search results showed the items had been removed from the site. Search “CW Hemp” on Target’s site and you’ll come up with a whole lot of nothing, evidenced by my own three-second investigation and screenshots saved by The Cannabist.



This would have been a pretty epic move because while Target already carries a buttload of hemp products, CBD is classified as a different beast in the eyes of the DEA. Though CBD has no psychoactive properties and is generally safe to purchase without legal consequence, federal legislation on sales of this scale remain murky at best. As drug policy expert John Hudak told The Cannabist, “It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which this is legal.”

As of now, this is a developing story and we have no way of knowing if Target got cold feet, if a CBD-hating computer glitch corrupted the site, or if the feds are currently in pursuit of the multi-billion-dollar retailer. KINDLAND has reached out to the otherwise dope seller of gold pineapples and pumpkin spice candles and will update this story when we acquire more info on the matter.