Finally Some Hard Evidence Weed And Fast Food Go Hand-In-Hand

If a trip to McDirties doesn't immediately follow your blaze-up sesh, what are you even doing?

Nearly half of all cannabis consumers choose to hit up fast food restaurants like McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s to satiate any weed-induced cravings. That is, according to a recently conducted study (and common sense). Industry speculators Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis examined the elevated eating habits of marijuana consumers, reporting in the study:

“In the past four weeks alone, 43 percent of [sic] marijuana customers said they ate at McDonald’s. The second most popular place to eat was Taco Bell, accounting for only 18 percent of the cannabis consumers. Wendy’s came in third place with 17.8 percent, just barely beating Burger King at 17.6 percent. Subway ranked in fifth at a tiny 8.7 percent compared to the previous four spots. Kentucky Fried Chicken hit the list at number six with only 5.5 percent going to eat there over the past four weeks. . . The additional fast food names in the top ten list were Arby’s, Chick-Fil-A, Jack-In-The-Box and Carl’s Jr. (in that order).”

The research, which is part of a series of analyses Green Market Report and its collaborators are calling “Cannabis Freakanomics,” is an effort to glean insight into the spending habits of the modern cannabis consumer. The data, though, is indicative of the herb's inherent ability to induce hunger and could reasonably be filed under the Um, f*cking duh category. 

Image via Green Market Reports

Rarer, perhaps, is the cannabis consumer who doesn't feel inspired to visit a McDirties or Taco Hell shortly after lighting up. Where do we order up some research on those weirdos?