Get Weed-Infused Pizza At This Massachusetts Dispensary

The Ermont Inc. is the new pizza plug.

Pizza and weed are the peanut butter and jelly of the weed world. And if you’re lucky enough to live near The Ermont Inc., a medical marijuana dispensary in Quincy, Massachusetts, you can have your weed and eat it too.

The Ermont Inc. medical dispensary debuted it’s weed-infused pizza in May. Two hundred of the $38 six-inch pizzas have been sold in the time since, according to reports, a number that’s sure to rise as word of the infused and presumably delicious ‘Za spreads. Indeed, the nearly $40 price-tag seems a bit steep, but the 125 milligrams of THC infused in the pizza sauce makes the pie worth the price. 

The dispensary also reportedly experiments with other savory infused foods, including macaroni and cheese and mini apple crisp pies, which, are the cornerstones of a weedy utopian diet.

The idea of pot pizza is far from novel, though as legalization spreads across the country––Massachusetts voters said yes to a legal recreational bill in November 2016––other retailers have also begun experimenting with the idea of infusing weed into foods beyond the traditional weed cookies or brownies. 

Pizzanista!, a popular L.A.-based pizza spot, founded by former professional skaters, recently teamed up with Grenco Science to create a ‘Za-themed G Slim vaporizer kit, which also includes items like a pizza-shaped grinder and rolling tray. 

Similarly, Weezza Pizza, a company based in San Diego with products available in dispensaries in Torrance, Santa Ana, and Orange County, offers marijuana-infused cheese and pepperoni pizza as well as a “Chronfetti Winkie,” a cannabis-infused loaf of sweet bread. 

These elevated edibles may not be delivery, and you definitely won’t see Digiorno getting into the weed foods game anytime soon, but the creations are most likely way delicious and probably pretty trippy.