Marijuana Movement Art Exhibit Coming to Oakland

'Altered State: Marijuana in California' opens in April.

Weed and art have a long and not-so-complicated relationship. Ask many artists, and pot usually plays a significant role, if its not an outright necessity, in the creative process. And in today’s bougie bud scene, high-end functional glass art pieces (i.e. bongs/pipes/dab rigs) can sell for thousands of dollars, and are frequently displayed in gallery shows––the Internet-famous glassblowers producing them have become an entirely new class of cannabis celebritas

Similarly, the cessation of cannabis prohibition is a battle our generation has taken up with passion, and one it could reasonably win. But its not just millennial plight. The new weed industry is commonly described as a social revolution, because in a lot of ways it totally is.

Which of course, inspires the art world––with weed simultaneously occupying the roles of performance-enhancing-chemical and contemporary subject.

Altered State: Marijuana in California, opens in April at the Oakland Museum of California, and is the first mainstream art exhibit to document the legal marijuana movement. The show will offer insight into the labyrinthine and politicized history of pot, through the lens of the Golden State—where cannabis has been legal for medical use since 1996. 


“California is on the verge of making important decisions around marijuana that will impact people living in this state,” says Kelly McKinley, Director of the OMCA Lab…Through historical, scientific, and social stories, the exhibition will present ten ways that people consider cannabis in California, including: Cannabis Science, Medical Marijuana, Profitable Pot, Sacred Ganja, Criminal Dope, Creative Grass, Evil Weed, Politically Loaded, Youth and Marijuana, and Recreational Reefer."
"Each topic will be explored using the most current data, expert and community voices, historical and contemporary media and ephemera, interactives and prompts to stimulate conversation, and direct contributions from museum visitors… We are dedicated to being a place where people can come learn about complex topics and, more importantly, add their voices and stories to the dialogue. This exhibition is proof of that in action.”

Altered State: Marijuana in California will be on display April 16 through September 2016. Check back to The KIND in the coming weeks for a first-hand look inside the exhibit.