MMA Fighter Nick Diaz Says He Is the Face of Weed

And it's a face that has a lot of character.

Professional fighters have a history of saying whatever the hell they want to say because who’s going to step up and stop them? MMA powerhouse Nick Diaz extended the straight-talking pugilist tradition as a guest on The Jasta Show, an interview series hosted by Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta.

The careers of Nick Diaz and his brother Nate, also a professional fighter, have been impacted by clashes with MMA officials over use of CBD and full-on weed.

“It’s really limiting to die without smoking any weed ever, or indulging in it some way.”

Jasta inquires if an imaginary weed sponsor would conflict with Diaz’s potential deal to develop a podcast of his own. The question launches the fighter on the topic of weed.


“I’m the face of weed for athletes. I am the number one athletic stoner besides Michael Phelps.”

“I do think it’s a performance enhancing drug too. But so are vitamins.”

“I’d like to start shedding some good light on this stigma that people who smoke weed are lazy and that they’re not thinkers.”

“It’s really limiting to die without smoking any weed ever, or indulging in it some way.”

“I go to these conventions, like these cannabis or glass conventions, and I run into these hippie type of people, and they’re really fanatical on these subjects. This one guy came up to me, and he said, ‘You know they’ve been having these breakthroughs on like brain chemistry after concussion or contusion or whatever you call it, and if you get this THC-CBD into your brain within the hour, it’s like really huge.’ ”

Diaz closes out the sound clip denouncing the requirement that all fighters piss test for weed after every bout. As Nick sees it, waiting to piss is a hindrance to timely application of marijuana to ward off head trauma.

“If I just got knocked out, and I’m all loopy, the first thing I need is some weed. Please, I’m nauseous; I’m throwing up. I’ve been knocked the fuck out. Give me some weed.”

You got a problem with any of this? Talk to Nick. And while you do that, keep an eye out for Nate as well.

Thanks to Middle Easy for turning us on.