Pondlife Is Your New Favorite Instagram

The hottest scum of social media.

Instagram offers insight into the lives of so many different people, places and things––it oftentimes feels like we're only just now beginning to scratch the surface on this whole human experience thing. 

In Brooklyn, New York, a biology student with an Internet connection, an eye for the obscure, and an Instagram account brings the scum and other micro-organisms from her local ponds to social media. 

From The Atlantic:

"Warring, a 30-year-old biology Ph.D. student at New York University, is the creator of Pondlife, an impossibly charming and increasingly popular Instagram feed that puts the spotlight on New York’s smallest life forms...Warring explores the impossibly vast and incredibly tiny world of single-celled organisms, filling her feed with algae, cyanobacteria, diatoms, and other examples of what she calls “urban phycology.”

The Pondlife feed is equal parts educational and entertaining. It's like the best days of high school science class. Pondlife also offers proof that we're all actually just weird creatures cruising around like drunk blobs and bugs and spiders and gloops and globs. This is probably what we––humans, earthlings, dingbats –––look like under the microscopes aboard UFOs. 

"“I’m looking for the scummiest parts,” Warring told The Atlantic. 

Keep scrolling for some of the Kind's favorite Pondlife pictures and videos. Try not to feel like an insignificant organism fighting for survival in this crazy game we call life.

Ride on, micro-bugs!!!

"Those plastids can turn sunlight into energy to power this cell."

"This is Paramecium bursaria, it's a very special organism."

"Shy peritrich ciliate from prospect park. This cell has built itself a house, it's called a lorica."

"Do the microscopic creatures keep living when the water temperature drops? We are about to find out."

"This microscopic monster is a heterotrich ciliate called Condylstoma."

Are we the only ones who want to send a pinch of our weed to Warring and have her put it under her microscope?