Rose Petal Blunts Make Smoking Flower Bouji AF

When getting blunted on flower gets a floral makeover.

From rose gold portable vaporizers to celebrity cannabis brands so high-end they’ve been described as the “Hermés of marijuana,” one might reasonably assume that the legal weed scene reached peak levels of boujie in 2017. Well, guess again, baby, because the year isn’t over yet. Cannabis is only getting boujier thanks in part to Twitter user @simple_sasha, who recently went viral (and got lit) with her eloquently and expertly rolled rose petal blunts. 

Say whaaaaat!?!

After Sasha tweeted out a simple tutorial video on the art of rolling a rose petal blunt that racked up hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets, other videos of people getting high and smoking flower in a similar fashion quickly started popping up.

And, at least according to our girl Sasha, rolling your own rose petal bleezy is pretty fuckin' easy. The process is so simple actually that even the most basic of stoners can make it happen in just five effortless steps.

Step 1: Peel the petals from a fresh rose.

Step 2: Heat them in the oven for a few minutes.

Step 3: Arrange the petals end-to-end.

Step 4: Add your ground-up herb.

Step 5: Twist up as you would any other blunt.

“Let it rest or it won’t smoke right,” Sasha adds after rolling the rose petal blunt. “And then you can go ahead and light it up once you’re done.”

In recent years, blunt aficionados have stepped up (or ruined, depending on your perspective) the art of blunt-rolling via wraps made of gold and others that resemble paper currency. And though rose petals are actually commonly used in the tobacco blends of many blunt wraps already on the market, Sasha’s new rose petal L’s look like the freshest way to put one in the air.