Snapchat Superstar DJ Khaled Is Judging a Snapchat Film Contest

We repeat: DJ Khaled is judging a Snapchat film festival. Kind of.

DJ Khaled is indeed the best. He’s the best at Snapchat. He’s the best at motivating millennials to enroll in healthcare. He’s the best at reinventing his personal brand with a cell phone and a messaging app. He’s the best at LION! And he’s the best at being DJ Khaled

He’s also going to decide the best Snapchat film in a contest at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival—Tribeca Snapchat Shorts—inviting aspiring Snapchat auteurs to produce 200-second-long works of art.

Well, DJ Khaled will be one of the judges. And Khaled's genius mastery of the ever-evolving social messaging platform puts his involvement in the contest on a par Ron Howard's input at Canon’s Project Imagination, or J.J. Abrams watching over an amateur sci-fi film competition.

From International Business Times:

“Starting Feb. 27, Snapchat users can save their stories — the time limit is 200 seconds or less and stories must be filmed vertically — and submit via the festival website. The stories must be completely contained on Snapchat, not edited using third party software, and be appropriate for all ages.”

There goes our idea for a Snapchat bio-pic telling the story of the meteoric rise of a marijuana lifestyle media startup––drama meets dark comedy in this tale of how one group of editors and entrepreneurs beat the odds, and from a modest office on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, California, conquered the new media landscape, and toppled the content farms of the world—but also like jumped out of planes and walked in unison in front of explosions in slow-mo.

Don’t play yourself. Submissions open February 27.

They don’t want you to win a trip to Tribeca Film Festival and a chance for your film to be screened at the festival. (Except maybe they do?) So what are you going to do? You’re going to win a trip to Tribeca Film Festival, and the chance for your film to be screened at the festival.