The Ultimate Drug Survival Kit

Everything you need to feel safe, comfortable, and chill while on a trip.

This is a supplies list for everything you need to feel safe, comfortable and chill during a drug session. Whether it’s MDMA, ayahuasca, mushrooms, acid, etc., these few items (clothing, food, water, weed, etc) will keep you from having a bad time. 

Water is an obvious one, but LOTS of it is required with some of these drugs, and not for all of them. Necessary survival items vary depending upon the drug, where you are, who you’re with, and when you have to leave said place. 

Let me guide you, grasshopper:

1. Water

Drink water!

Regardless of the activity you’re doing and the drugs you’re taking, you need water. This means bring it if you can, make sure it’s going to be where you are if you can’t, and then make a mental note (and set some reminders on your phone) to DRINK THE WATER. 

Seriously, if someone hands you a bottle, drink it. If someone gives you their Camelback straw, think very hard about how well you know them and how prevalent mouth herpes is. Then DRINK THE WATER. Is there a fountain at the warehouse in which you’re destroying the dance floor? DRINK THE WATER. Did someone go to the bar and say, “Do you want anything?” YOU SAY “WATER, PLEASE” (mustn’t forget your manners). If the water tastes funny, spit it out. Water shouldn’t taste funny no matter where you live. And don’t let your fucked-up friends be given water by strangers! Keep it in the family if you can.

2. Chill Ass People

Get a cool crowd to carpool with. Be sure to be nice to them all night long. When you’re taking Molly, you think you’re the coolest person at the party. Like, other people are cool, too, but you’re definitely the coolest. So don’t be a dick about being the coolest person there, be magnanimous. Be Jason Street from Friday Night Lights cool. 

If you’re with a big crew, and there are several people you’re not digging, avoid them. Choose a different room, make conversation with new people (which you should 100 percent be doing anyway because that’s where you’ll find your next bff, lover or unicorn). In general, just avoid people you don't like. 

Negative energy when you’re geekin’ or trippin’ is THE WORST. Don’t confront people on drugs though. Bad shit can happen: They get angry with you and never forget it. They get super insecure, and you ruin their night. They possibly run out into open traffic and/or the rest of your crew thinks you’re unchill.

3. Cool Ass Threads

I know it’s not cool to plan ahead and be like a responsible soccer mom about drugs like I am, but you should at least know what the venue is going to be like (i.e.: indoors or outdoors) so you can gauge your dress according to the weather. 

If it’s an event that is meant for drugs, like a rave or party, hosts usually think about these things and prepare accordingly. There will be an area to check your coats if you paid to get in. There will often be heating lamps or a straight-up fire outside to warm up. You may have the option of joining a mosh pit filled with human body warmth. 

Personally, I get hot fast at raves but colder when I’m tripping because I don’t dance as much. I usually layer, but honestly I’d rather be a little cold on Molly than have to worry about carrying my hoodie or precious coral cardigan. Although I am known to wear a sick ass fake fur coat or vest because I like when people touch it and smile. If you’re doing mushrooms or ayahuasca, bring a blanket so you feel safe and warm.

4. Dope Ass Accessories

Wear the coolest shit you can find—including and not limited to hoods that your friend Samjaya made in her studio apartment and sells for $350, animal hoods from Claire’s that are $10, light up gloves, light up shoes, light up necklaces, light up glasses (you get it), dope ass fur boots, an entire Greek war outfit, an ewok outfit (there are always furries at raves), barely anything (showing your body is A-ok and no one is going to fat shame you), actual furs (okay this one we need to talk about) and GLITTERRRRRRR. Look and feel dope so you can have the best time possible.

Furs: if you’re walking around a rave feeling everyone’s clothing, as is our wont, you might stop when one of them feels a little too soft. When the threading feels a little bit too much like a squirrel you once held. That’s real fur, and it is making a huge comeback in the rave scene, especially with the Burning Man crowd. The idea is that it’s okay to buy fur secondhand, or to inherit it, because at least the animals’ lives weren’t lived in vain. What are we gonna do, burn all the furs? Then those animals were tortured for naught. Wear them and discard them when they can no longer be worn. I’m into this. You should be into this, too.

5. Leave The Uncomfortable Shit At Home

‘Kandi’ a/k/a those weird ass beads kids are wearing down their arms and across their mouths like some kind of freaky medical mask/Bane/Mad Max style shit is weird as fuck, and I don’t recommend it when you’re on drugs. The last thing you want to feel is confined. If you’re at a rave, sometimes moshes happen. You could take an elbow to the face—with beads on, that shit could knock out a tooth. 

Drop the Plur, please. I understand exchanging these beads is a sign of new friendship, and I do support arts and crafts (I was a Girl Scout), but at the end of the day this stuff is unnecessary. One time, someone’s beaded thingy busted open on the dance floor and everyone was slipping on the beads and bumming out.

And don’t wear something that will require you to unfasten a bunch of strings or zippers to pee. You will be peeing A LOT.

6. Stuff Your Pockets

Don’t bring a purse; it just gets in the way, and you will probably lose it. Either wear a fanny pack or something with pockets that zip or fasten. You’ll want your phone, ID, credit/debit card, cash if you have it, Chapstick/lip gloss and GUM. No matter what drug you’re taking, your breath will be kickin’, and with ayahuasca or shrooms you might puke; so you’ll definitely want to refresh after. Maybe stick a vape pen in there, too, for help coming down later when you’re geeking hard or wound up from tripping. Don’t bring baubles or extra makeup—you won’t need it. As soon as the drugs kick in, you won’t give a shit what your face looks like. You’ll just want to dance or talk and ask endless questions of random strangers. 

7. Weed

I cannot stress this enough! Heavy indicas will bring you down from the worst geek up on Molly. Sativas will stabilize your nausea after a mushroom trip. Hybrids will help you sleep after ayahuasca and settle the crazy images you’re seeing in your head. Also, they’ll make you hungry, which is going to make you eat and then feel better. There’s nothing like a hard night of drugs and dancing to make you work up an appetite. If you don’t eat a few hours afterward, you’ll feel weak and experience a depressing couple of days of recovery.

8. Nutrients

You’ve heard Vitamin C helps with the side effects of Molly, and it’s totally true. You’ll want to drink orange juice after Molly and before mushrooms (it helps you trip harder). There’s a supplement called 5-HTP that is useful to take before and after Molly. It gets you back to status quo mentally and physically. You will still experience some depression and fatigue post-Molly, but the 5-HTP and eating healthily alleviates it slightly. 

For ayahuasca, you’ll want to follow a strict diet prior to taking it. The less toxins you have in your body, the less you will purge (vomit) which is always nice. You’ll still probably sweat, cry, or shake, but those are the good purges that really help you release the demons inside of you. Really, you should just always eat healthy, but especially when drugs are involved.

9. A Ride Home

Seriously, line it up before or make sure you have enough phone power/wherewithal to hail an Uber. Don’t be the lost little pony who makes their fucked-up friends try and find them. Handle your business!

TL;DR: look cool, act cool, be with cool people, don’t bring a buncha stuff, eat well before and after, DRINK WATER, smoke weed, get home safely, sleep. Have fun and don’t be a dick!