These Airports Say You Can Fly With Legal Marijuana

The mile-high weed maneuver is still a federal crime and risky AF, though.

Not that KINDLAND recommends trying this, but according to a Boston Globe report, if you're 21 and older, flying out of Logan International Airport while in possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, probably won't land you in jail, and you may even get to keep your weed––pending your destination is also in a state where the leafy green substance is legal.

From the Boston Globe:

". . . the Massachusetts Port Authority, which owns and operates Logan International Airport, doesn’t have any policy prohibiting it, so you can bring your stash onto airport property. . .But since the TSA is a federal agency that abides by federal law, if agents find some weed in your bag, they’ll refer you to the Massachusetts State Police. Here’s the twist: When the trooper ambles over and determines you’re 21 or older and your baggie is an ounce or less, you’ll be let go in peace with your pipe and marijuana, said State Police spokesman David Procopio, because you wouldn’t be breaking state law."

To provide context, last November, Massachusetts voters said yes to Question 4, which legalized the possession, purchase, transport, and cultivation of limited amounts of the sticky icky. Though legal recreational sales won't happen until sometime in 2018, once lawmakers are able to determine the regulatory framework of a retail program. Still, at Logan International Airport, TSA agents "do administrative searches, not criminal searches," according to the Globe

So if you're cool, the Massachusetts State Police will seemingly be cool, too. And despite Logan International's said-to-be chill stance on bringing weed in your carry-on, crossing state borders while in possession of marijuana is still a federal crime. So, proceed with caution. Though Beantown isn't the only city from which one may board an airplane with a zone or less on deck.

“We don’t have the power to enforce the federal law." 

In California, the 2016-passed Proposition 64 allows adults over the age of 21 to possess, grow, gift, and bathe in if they so choose, up to an ounce of cannabis. The freedom holds up at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and flying into the state's largest airport, or from LAX to another weed-legal destination, as long as the passenger is 21 or older, they should be able to board the plane relatively hassle-free, with all 28 grams (or less) in hand. 

“We don’t have the power to enforce the federal law,” LAX police spokesman Rob Pedregon told the Boston Globe

To be certain, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Maine, and Washington D.C., also have recreational marijuana laws on the books. But, before you go booking a ticket to any of these states, you may want to get in touch with airport authorities, to find out if they would be as 420-friendly as their Logan and LAX-based counterparts.  To that end, weed is not allowed on the property at Colorado's Denver International Airport, so flying out of the Mile High city with weed is a no-go. Printed signs close to TSA security checkpoints at Denver International remind travelers of this rule.

Indeed, as more states enact legal recreational marijuana programs, cannabis enthusiasts could possibly see more airports where arriving and departing with weed in their carry-on or checked luggage is as commonplace as people wearing those weird neck-pillow-things, or crying babies.