Flower Installation Artist Builds Gardens in the Sky

London-Based artist Rebecca Louise Law likes flowers…a lot. She’s based her entire art career around finding the most beautiful flora and then creating hanging gardens, with fantastical floating flowers, depending from ceilings all over the world.

There’s an evolution that happens with each installation: The flowers start off alive, fragrant, and bright. As the display goes on, the blooms fade into a whimsical, lighter, dead version

"They'll go through a bit of a dodgy stage,in that in-between stage between fresh and dry. The smell is not particularly great for maybe 48 hours, but then they come into their own, and [the work] becomes a different sculpture,” Law tells CNN

Law is a classically trained artist who turned her love for nature (she’s the daughter of a gardener) into living installation pieces. She’s been using flowers as what she calls her “paint” since 2003.

"I felt frustrated by how two-dimensional the work looked," she tells CNN. "I desperately wanted to reflect nature in three dimensions.”

Right now through August, "The Beauty of Decay” is on display at Chandran Gallery in San Francisco. This show is Law’s U.S. installation debut.  You don't want to miss it. 

Now if only someone will do this with weed.

All photos courtesy of Rebecca Louise Law via Facebook and rebeccalouiselaw.com.