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Because words are better with pictures.


Narcisexual, rooting to the word of Narcissist (loving yourself), means you are only sexually attracted to yourself. (Also see Narciromantic)

"I think he's Narcisexual. He's never slept with anyone and he said he masturbates all the time."

by True One June 23, 2015

drake face

The face you make when you're a little more than just sad.

She told my boy he had crunchy hair; so he's been walking around the house with drake face all day. #drakeface

by originaldrakeface June 20, 2015


1. Purposely stinking up the toilet before your roommate or significant other needs to use the bathroom.

2. Walking into the bathroom after forgetting you took a stinky dump just minutes earlier.

I was running late, and I rushed back into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I quickly realized my horrible mistake. I walked in on my own smelly craptrap.

by Cfire January 20, 2016

sleep swiping

When you accidentally like someone on Tinder cause you dozed off for a minute while swiping.

Oh damn, hope I don't get a match on that guy/girl, I was sleep swiping!

by Crunchy Megs October 28, 2015


When you get so high you are spread out and stuck to your bed like a starfish.

"Haley got so high from that Lasagna bowl that she starfished in the car and didn't even make it to Taco Bell" "Gordon is always the first to Starfish"

by onefortysix November 03, 2015