Roxanne Dennant Talks Medicated Snacks

Loving your body means eating well with it.

Roxanne Dennant is on a mission to change the way you eat edibles. She's developed a magical and tasty fruit leather that is not only medicated, it's organic and vegan.

After traveling a ton for her full-time fashion job, the recent entrepreneur began taking Xanax to curb anxiety attacks. Soon enough, she felt like a zombie and decided to try edibles instead. But the lack of health-conscious medicated snacks left her bummed out. 

She hated calorie and sugar-infused desserts; so she decided to make her own bomb, healthy medicated sweetness: Fruit Slabs

Each fruity snack is created with certified organic ingredients and is infused with the highest quality THC extract. Currently, you can get your hands on two flavors: The OG Mango and Mango Maui Wowie.

Dennant runs her cannabis company out of Los Angeles and feels that—though she's grown up in Virginia and spent a few winters in NYC—L.A. is the best place for her to thrive.

The KIND: Are there many health-conscious cannabis users?

Roxanne Dennant: Absolutely! I’d like to think all cannabis users are healthy to some degree, because the plant has so many healing properties, but to say that whole heartedly would be a bit naïve. If you think about the stereotyped hippie pot smoker—they’ve always been an extremely health-conscious community growing their own produce, eating organic before it was a trend, choosing holistic medicinal practices over always taking western medicine’s recommendations.

Now that the industry is coming out of prohibition times, we are seeing a lot more health-branded companies come to market. We share the space with companies like Om Edibles, Utopia Farms, and Jambo Superfoods. Legalization will inevitably bring more of the health-conscious cannabis users into the marketplace… The Whole Foods shoppers who are still slightly skeptical on cannabis will have a change of heart once the laws are more supportive.

The Kind: How do you come up with the recipes?

Roxanne: Trial and error, lots of messes and fun in the kitchen. We really like the way the cannabis blends into the natural flavors mangoes provide; they’re not an overpowering tart fruit like berries. The earthiness of the cannabis highlights their sweetness. Our Maui Wowie flavor brings coconut into the mix. There is just something to be said about mangoes and coconuts! The cannabis, coconut, and mango was a hit in our group of friends; so we went with it. When it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?

The Kind: What's next for Fruit Slabs?

Roxanne: Our biggest push for 2016 is to get our product into more shops and more patient’s hands. We have heard amazing stories and testimonials from patients who are taking themselves off of daily prescription-pill regimens because Fruit Slabs are working more effectively and have less, well virtually, zero known negative side effects. This is an incredible feeling for us. We feel it’s also a responsibility. We want to help as many people heal as possible.

The Kind: Favorite edible, besides yours?

Roxanne: I am a big fan of Clean Healing’s medicated marinara sauce—it’s delicious, barely any cannabis taste, and the high is so fun. And Jambo Superfoods makes this amazing infused peppermint mouth spray that is very low in THC, with a fierce and delicious peppermint punch. It’s my favorite daytime, post meal, way to medicate.