Japan'€™s Mascot School Can Teach You to Be a Plushy With Attitude

Hey, you know how that new Christopher Guest movie Mascots is streaming on Netflix, and everyone you know who listens to NPR is all stoked about it? In bullet points, Mascots is a mock-documentary about a national competition—the Fluffies—to determine the best sports mascot in the entire world, the entire world being the United States.

Think of Mascots as the Westminster Dog Show, but with human's in plushy suits rather than dogs being judged, often snidely. Award yourself two cultural warrior merit badges if you can site the film that connects Christopher Guest to the Westminster Dog Show.

Well, maybe you'd rather be the type of fan boy (or girl) who prefers to delight in uncovering far-flung source material for Anglo American cult film favorites.

In that case, watch the Great Big Story Video Network mini-documentary at the top of this post one more time. It's titled "Welcome to Japan’s Mascot School." In a little under three minutes, "Welcome to Japan's Mascot School" profiles Japanese mascot trainer Choko Oohira and several of her aspiring mascot students. Oohira is only here to teach you that it is possible to cap your NPR pal's fey feature-film snobbery by having discovered a cooler, more real Mascots right here in KINDLAND.

Also, KINDLAND is taking applications for site mascot. Go here to tell us about your proposed costume and character, with pics.