Parkour Is Living on the Ledge, and This Skyscraper Stunt Walk Is Nuts

The urban sport of parkour will never be in the Olympics, which means you will never be subjected to blathering commentators, an impenetrable U.S. bias, and inescapable corporate logo placement when you watch parkour on TV.

In fact, since many parkour contestants are committing a crime every time they suit up and play, chances are you will never see someone like Oleg Cricket from Siberia on TV anyway.

Cricket was on a hop to Hong Kong when he recorded the dizzying video above. It is very freeing to watch someone being so light of foot and free flowing in an environment that is literally unyieldingly structured. Who could blame you for embracing the urge to follow in Cricket's footsteps? No one, that's who. Just don't try it while high.

Thanks to Boing Boing for turning us on.