Chill/No-Chill: Colorado's Universal Edibles Labeling

When it comes to recreational cannabis, regulations that prevent accidental youth-weed-consumption are decidedly chill. This week in Colorado, where adults have been getting Rocky Mountain high since 2014 (when 2012's Amendment 64 went into effect), new labeling on all edible cannabis products must designate said candies as alive with the glory of ganja. 

Essentially, if a food has THC in it, your chocolate bar cannot be marketed as "candy," and will also come stamped with a diamond-shaped warning.  The state hopes this additional caution will stop kids from inadvertently getting high at snack time. You can read all about the new label at the Cannabist

But what of the actual design aesthetics? Is the label gauche and off-putting to the eye, so no-chill that you hesitate to consume any weed-food at all? Or is the diamond design actually pretty chill, because minimalism, and kids eating weed on accident is a bad look for everyone?