Denver Police Can't Find a Place Big Enough to Store Their Weed

Would you like to help out with Denver PD's pot-storage crisis?

In Denver, Colorado, even though cannabis is legal for adult-recreational use, and sold in a regulated medical market, the local police are seizing more of it than ever. So much grass is confiscated by the cops, that they’re running out of space to store it all, according to Denver’s CBS4.

“Because [weed] is now legal in certain quantities, people nowadays believe they can exceed those quantities and there’d be no prosecution, that it’s not criminal,” a police representative told the media outlet. “We used to see 15 to 20 plants at a time being seized at a small grow, now we’ll see it in the hundreds, even thousands at warehouses.”

The department reportedly requested $125,000 for additional storage and personnel resources toward containment of its massive weed stash. But maybe there's another way to keep all of that confiscated cannabis in one place, and save a little bit of taxpayer green at the same time. 

A Giant Pot Piggy Bank

Not only could the city of Denver solve its weed-storage-conundrum with a huge container-pig, by charging visitors a small fee to take selfies with the massive swine, and designating the structure as a public art space, the city could monetize the pot surplus through a paradigm-disrupting form of weed-tourism revenue.

Make the Biggest Batch of Weed Brownies. . . Ever

If there is no more space to store all of that devil lettuce, you may as well turn it all into devil's food space cake.

A City-Wide Smoke Off

Weed should never be allowed to go stale, and everybody loves a bit of competition. Donate any proceeds from the smoke-a-thon to the local precinct. It would basically be like a chili cook-off, but instead of eating spicy meat and peppers and onions––everyone would get blazed and be in the mood to buy tickets to Denver's 2016 Policeman's Ball. 

Give It Back

This one is pretty self-explanatory.