Legal Marijuana For All Is Coming to Canada, on Canada Day, July 1 2018

Next month, the country's liberal government will unveil a plan to legalize the herb for good and for all.

The Canadian weed scene is just as complicated as its US counterpart. For sure, Canada's burgeoning industry has had its share of pitfalls and false-starts, but now the Great White North's liberal government is readying to unveil its action plan to bring cannabis in to a legal and regulated recreational industry, on Canada Day, of course: July 1, 2018. And wouldn't that make for a happy celebration. 

From CBC News:

"The federal government will be in charge of making sure the country's marijuana supply is safe and secure and Ottawa will license producers. But the provinces will have the right to decide how the marijuana is distributed and sold. Provincial governments will also have the right to set price. While Ottawa will set a minimum age of 18 to buy marijuana, the provinces will have the option of setting a higher age limit if they wish"

Reportedly, Canadian home cultivators hoping to raise their own cannabis will be limited to four plants per household, and possessing 30 grams will be legal for anyone of age. 

Indeed, the news should be well-received by the country's industry members and cannabis users. And it has been expected. During his campaign for Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau promised to deliver his legalization plan by 2017. This commitment helped secure the election for the liberal party, but has also up-to-this-point been doubted. 

"I do not believe Justin Trudeau is going to bring in the legalization of marijuana," B.C. MP Peter Julian is reported as saying at a leadership debate held in Montreal. "We are still seeing, particularly young Canadians being criminalized by simple possession of marijuana."

Still, the Canadian medical marijuana industry has taken off in recent years.

"Our hope for the industry is that it becomes more inclusive and engaged between consumers and companies." 

"It’s exciting to see the strides the industry has made in the last few years," Ian Rapsey, Chief Creative Officer of cannabis-focused investment fund Nesta Co. said to KINDLAND. "Canadians have access to their medicine, brands are emerging and innovations are happening. However, the current landscape feels a bit like a hallway lined with doors: You know there are interesting things happening behind them, but you need to be invited in to find out what. Our hope for the industry is that it becomes more inclusive and engaged between consumers and companies." 

The announcement for Canada's plan to legalize and regulate weed is expected the week of April 10.

Nesta's Rapsey says, It’s "this type of dialogue and engagement that will build, promote and continue to propel the Canadian cannabis industry as a global leader.”