Legal Weed Advertising Has Its First Canna Commercial in the Can

It's easy to observe that marijuana branding and advertising has a long way to go, but that progression has to start somewhere, and it could begin at a lot worse place than the "Legal" ad clip produced by Mirth Provisions to promote an infused bottled beverage called Legal. The pot product is defined in song as "a sparkling tonic made with chronic" that contains "no gross high fructose."

Not everybody in the commercial's backyard barbecue setting seems as old as the Dad band laying down foreground music, but all actors present seem to be well over 21 years of age, which is how old a consumer must be to legally imbibe Legal.

According to Leafly, the 90-second promo was directed by James Westby, who also plays guitar, sings, and narrates. Suggestions that Westby was a recent victim of identity theft and credit fraud are pure speculation.