Ohio Becomes State 26 to Legalize Medical Cannabis Program

Kasich's ink puts Ohio on the right side of legal weed's tipping point.

A bill outlining a plan for the legally approved and regulated use of medical marijuana was signed by Ohio governor, and 2016 presidential election dropout, John Kasich, Wednesday. The bill has Ohio as the 26th state to approve medical marijuana legislation. 

From Cincinnati.com

"Gov. John Kasich signed a plan to legalize medical marijuana into law Wednesday, making Ohio the 26th state to approve its use. . .Those suffering from epilepsy, chronic pain and the side effects of cancer treatments could soon be able to treat their pain with marijuana. 
"Ohioans can purchase medical marijuana from other states where it is legal as soon as Sept. 6 and bring it back into the state. Then, the Department of Commerce will have about eight months to create rules for those who will grow marijuana. After that, cultivators will need time to start growing medical marijuana, and dispensaries will set up shop."

The creation of legal weed regulatory systems is never not complicated. Basically, until the Buckeye State figures out it's legal weed game, Ohioans hoping to treat medical conditions with the herb will be given the option of engaging in felony drug trafficking across state lines, in order to procure medicine that is suddenly legal in Ohio. And still be unable to lawfully grow it at home. So, don't celebrate just yet. Okay, maybe celebrate a little bit.