This Week in Drugs: Medicated Gummy Ban, Coke Death, More

Also a big week for drug studies, study-drugs.

This Colorado Politician Wants to Outlaw THC-Infused Gummy Bears
State Representative Dan Pabon is not down with medicated gummy bears. The lawmaker says the squishy, colorful candies that also contain THC could be a problem for the state's youth. He told media, “Back in the day, candy cigarettes desensitized kids to the dangers of tobacco––and today, pot-infused gummy bears send the wrong message to our kids about marijuana.” We'd be willing to wager that a mysterious cowboy and a charismatic camel had a lot to do with that whole "desensitizing kids to tobacco bit." But keep doin' you, DP. Or actually, don't. [MUNCHIES]

Doing Cocaine and Alcohol Together Might Make You More Down to Commit Suicide
According to some smart cookies at Brown University, taking the two simultaneously basically makes you more than twice as likely to attempt suicide. According to deductive reasoning, if you're drinking and doing blow, you're already battling hardcore inner urges and perhaps have been partying too close to the edge for some time. [DAZED]

Americans Spend More Than Ever on Prescription Drugs, Opioid Epidemic Going Strong
Here's a number that will kill your buzz, and is also killing many people across the country: $309.5 billion was spent in the U.S. in 2015 on prescription medicines. That total includes patients and insurance programs and is said to be a result of "growing use of ultra-expensive new drugs and price hikes on other medicines."  [NBC News]

British Scientists Have Imaged What Your Brain Looks Like on LSD
A study published Monday in PNAS, conducted by researchers at Imperial College London, is the first successful scientific endeavor to capture changes in the human brain's appearance while under the influence of LSD. Which, up until now, was a task relegated to eggs and skillets.

What's Better for Making Stronger Edibles: Weed? Or Concentrated Weed? 
Kind of a no-brainer, but hey, down to try both. Apparently, so was this millennial content farm. [Mic]