7 Pre-Rolls Hotter Than The California Summer Sun

Puffing on these pre-rolls will make you one of the cool kids. No, but seriously, they're bomb AF.

Some might argue that rolling your own joint is a quintessential part of smoking cannabis. The weedy ritual, which can range from a skill to a craft, to an outright medium of art, is usually learned early on in one’s “cannabis career,” if you will, and perfected over time. But as the legal weed space matures into a legitimate industry, the pre-roll joint could, and potentially already has, replace the act (and necessity) of joint-rolling altogether. 

The pre-roll has become so popular in fact, that according to data from industry insight firm BDS Analytics, retailers in Colorado, Washington and Oregon sold more than $158 million of them in 2016. With so many consumers not twisting up, the market sector has seen explosive growth, and new joint-rolling technology has emerged. Furthermore, as pre-rolls evolve from a mystery high gifted by dispensaries to first-time patients, into some of the most luxe products sold, a number of celebrities have even entered the space, while a slew of businesses are capitalizing on the opportunity to deliver a modern take on one of the most classic cannabis-infused experiences. 

The following list is made up of staff picks, favorites of KINDLAND's editorial staff, and representative of the most unique joints found on California dispensary shelves. 


THE DEAL: This brand of artisanal cannabis cigarettes says it is “inspired by 1970s coastal California,” and has a goal of producing only 100 percent natural products. The Island Premiums line of hemp tube pre-rolls more closely resemble a cigarette than a joint––as the tightly packed jay-birds feature a filter, as opposed to a “crutch.” The Premiums also come in easily dosed Minis.
PRICE: $35-$45/pack of five/pack of eight
FIND:  Shop Island pre-rolls here.


THE DEAL: Higgs might just be the hottest new product on the market right now. After launching the brand in true LA fashion (a Venice house party headlined by Kurupt), Higgs brings tight branding, sleek package design, and some fire product. The 7-pack of discreet pre-rolls looks like a normal cigarette on the outside, but will have you feeling lifted because of the magical weed on the inside.
PRICE: $55-$60/pack of 7
FIND: Higgs can be found in a handful of LA retailers or exclusively though Grassp delivery. **Throw in "kindsummer" at checkout for 25 percent off of your order.**

Lowell Farms 

THE DEAL: Coming from the same brand that was made famous by its trending cannabis flower bouquets, Lowell Farms' Lowell Smokes pre-rolls come with nearly a gram of California weed grown on the Golden State's central coast, and test between 22 percent and 25 percent THC, for an elicited high that should have you feeling all kinds of chill.
PRICE: $55/pack of ten
FIND: Lowell Smokes can be found at all your favorite LA shops.


THE DEAL: The Venice, California-based NATIV brand is making a name for itself in the concentrate scene––their pressed rosin is straight up fire––but NATIV also has a line of pre-rolls. The joints––White, Grey, and Black label––come in a mix of premium flower and hash, or pure private-reserve flower, the brand says is grown using sustainable methods, free of pesticides. 
PRICE: $20/joint
FIND: Shop all Nativ products here.

Tarantula by Ganja Gold

THE DEAL: The Tarantula pre-rolls from Oakland-based Ganja Gold are basically the joint for the cannabis consumer looking to get hella hyphy. The indica and sativa joints are packed with high-grade, organic California-grown flower, hash, and wax, dipped in hash oil, and then rolled in keef––as if they were tarred and feathered, but like, with weed. 
PRICE: $20-$22/joint
FIND: Shop Ganja Gold products here.

Lola Lola 

THE DEAL: Based in San Francisco, California, Lola Lola carries only the freshest, highest quality products. Lola Lola's 3-cone kit of pre-rolls come packed in a beautiful little box with a half-gram of flower, and are "perfect for a day on the go, or relaxing at home." 
PRICE: $20/pack
FIND: Pick them up at select retailers up and down the Golden State.

Chief THC

THE DEAL: The Chief THC brand celebrates life on the left coast. And breaks down an eighth (3.5 grams) of high-grade, California-grown cannabis, into 7 pre-rolls, sold as a pack. What could be better than skating down the boardwalk, with seven yet-to-be-chiefed joints on deck? Nothing. 
PRICE: $50-$55/pack
FIND: Chief can be picked up at a number of shops in the LA basin. 

Now that you've got options, when stocking up on pre-rolls, make your purchase according to where you'll be consuming the joints. For example, nothing will melt you into the couch at home on a Friday night quite like a Tarantula. Whereas the discreet packaging and cigarette filters of the Island Premiums and Higgs pre-rolls might be the best choice for on-the-go, or in-public consumption.