7 Superior Cannabis Products You Can Have Delivered Via Bicycle In San Francisco

Are you in SF, and seeking elevation? Let Kind Courier bring the weed to you!

Walking into your favorite dispensary and browsing the various strains of cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, and every other weedy product under the sun, is half of the fun of consuming marijuana. But sometimes life gets in the way, or traffic is a bear, or you're simply just too busy to hit up the pot shop, and a dispensary run goes from being a treat to a chore. 

But, like, you still need your weed.

Indeed, Kind Courier presents the modern cannabis consumer––in San Francisco, California, at least––with a solution to this problem, that can be summed up in just three words: Professional, discreet, delivery. The weed delivery service transports your hand picked marijuana goods via bike couriers, to your home or office, and currently serves consumers in San Francisco, but has plans of soon branching out to neighboring Marin and San Mateo. 

Re-upping on your favorite brands and buds is downright simple with Kind Courier’s step-by-step process: Just sign up for the service (it’s free), then browse the online menu, pick your products either a la carte, or choose from curated combo packages, such as “Unwind”––which features weedy products that will aid in relaxation efforts. Or, “Elevate”––which, as the name suggests, is a mix of goods that just might have you feeling lifted. 

From there users are able to choose a one-hour delivery window, sit back, and wait for the courier to arrive with their high quality, California cannabis in tow. 

Listed below are some of KINDLAND's faves. 

The Garden Society Edibles
Why we love it: Not only are Garden Society’s two flavors of candy sophisticated, and conducive to discreet consumption, but they also contain 80 and 40 mg’s of THC, respectively, and are infused with ingredients such as passionflower, pear puree, and blackberry. Bliss Blossoms are a luscious milk chocolate calming treat. Meanwhile, Bright Blooms, are zesty fruit and herb-flavored gummies, designed to energize and invigorate mind and body.
What it costs: $30/Bliss Blossom, $20/Bright Blooms

The Clear Crystalline CBD
Why we love it: The Clear Crystalline tests at 99 percent CBD. The pure cannabidiol crystals can be taken orally, vaporized, or applied topically with massage or coconut oil, and are perfect for reducing anxiety, inflammation, and relieving pain. Pro Tip: Dip the non-psychoactive crystals in some THC wax for a delightful dabbing experience. 
What it costs: $60/half-gram

Kinda Curious Combo Pack
Why we love it: Maybe you’re not a full-blown cannabis enthusiast just yet, but you’re curious about trying the chronic, and want to ease into marijuana consumption. Kinda Curious is a combo package designed to make your foray into weed as simple as possible, by offering up CBD-heavy edibles (gummies, mints, and bon bons), a discreet vape pen, and an array of strains and pre-rolls to sample. The bud buffet enables a lit discovery experience that will help you discern exactly which form of consumption works best for you.
What it costs: $385/pack

Soak Medicated Bath
Why we love it: What better way to make the aches and pains that women feel each month, go away, than with a weed bath?  Epsom salts and infused essential oils come together to make for one seriously relaxing tub session. Not only does Soak relieve cramps and menstrual pain, but the medicated bath treatment also leaves skin and hair feeling soft and nourished. To top it off, Soak is Amber Moon-scented, which, is a warm and woodsy aroma that will transport you to a place of full-on tranquility.
What it costs: $12/single use

Sungrown Pre-Rolls 
Why we love it: Sungrown Pre-Rolls are loaded with more than a gram1.2 grams of high quality, potent, flavorful flower (no trim or shake here). Whether you’re a straight sativa lover, prefer the serene high of an indica, or crave the best of both worlds via the hybrid, you can pick and choose between six different strains, such as the classic Girl Scout Cookies, or bold Sour OG.
What it costs: $10/single; $50/5-pack; $100/10-pack

Hmbldt Dose Pens
Why we love it: Hmbldt dose pens provide users with two-hundred 2.25 mg doses of specially blended, targeted formula cannabis oils. The novel device––which is exclusive to the brand––ensures a precise dose each and every time, as the pen vibrates when said dose has been delivered unto one's endocannabinoid system. The hmbldt dose pen is also from recyclable materials, and users are encouraged to return empty devices to their collective, for a discount on their next hmbldt purchase. The refined vaporizer device also comes in six different formulas to choose from: calm, bliss, relief, sleep, and passion, and arouse.
What it costs: $100/pen

Toasted Padron Jam
Why we love it: What better excuse to eat cheese and crackers (as if we needed one) than having a jar of weed jam to spread over the classic snack? This infused jam turns up the volume on crackers, grilled cheese sandwiches, toast, or pretty much anything you can reasonably spread it on, by delivering 10 mg of THC per teaspoon, coupled with the rich flavor of pardon peppers and citrus. Each jar is made using Sour Diesel Hawaiian Widow, a sativa dominant strain, and is grown organically under the California sun.
What it costs: $18/jar