An Unofficial Guide to Pipes and Other Devices for Pot Purists on the Go

It’s always 4:20 somewhere. Be ready to smoke on your way there.

The ever-expanding catalog of cannabis strains seems to grow faster than the plant itself. So does the inventory of instruments through which presumably tasty, top-shelf nugs or other cannabis products are inhaled. But not every instrument of THC delivery is a fit choice when the dynamic user is on the move doing non-weed activities.

Loading and clearing a bong can take longer than a few seconds, and isn’t the most portable piece of paraphernalia to bring to, say, the beach, an amusement park, or on a camping trip. And ripping that bulky gear can alert any weed-averse passersby within a quarter-mile radius that a partaker is in their midst—when discretion might better be advised.  

Whether you want the perfect device to fire a lunch-break getaway or the tool of choice to pack while scooting about town striking tasks off the to-do list, check out the proven selection of pipes and vapes and other handy accessories below, selected especially for the on-the-go marijuana purist.

The Pax 3

For years, the Pax line of products has been a staple of the high-end cannabis consumers’ weed-tool box. Lauded as the “iPhone of vaporizers,” the third edition Pax vaporizer features a sleek design and incorporates an intuitive and streamlined user experience. The best part: The Pax 3 can be used for both flower and concentrate consumption with separate inserts for each. The vaporizer comes in four different colors (rose gold, black, silver, and gold) and is covered under a 10-year-warranty. Has there ever been a more easily mastered yet equally clandestine piece for the surreptitious weed-session? 

Sneak-a-Toke Pendant Pipes

No paraphernalia is more “classic” than the sneak-a-toke pipe. Known by many names: A one-hitter, a monkey pipe, a rip-and-dip––this is the pipe for the marijuana consumer who enjoys a strong toke with a no-frills setup. Worn as a pendant, with panache, this stealthy piece of paraphernalia lends a dab of functional stoner chic to any wardrobe. 

Canna Pearls

Photo by Courtney Lodin for KINDLAND.

Cannamx's Canna Pearls is not a device, but the extract product is designed for the consumer seeking a sub rosa elevation experience. The golden "pearls" are "the only known cannabis medication that you can eat or vape," according to Cannamx's Tony Z.  “Two years of crafting this product. It is 100 percent organic, cruelty-free, lab-tested, and certified." Pop a 375 mg CBD pearl after lunch, and your afternoon will breeze by like a mellow waking dream. Or vape one of the potent, spherical, and incognito 250 mg THC miniature wax balls in between tasks.

Rodawg Pre-Roll Cones

Image via StashBox

These pre-rolled cone papers from Rodawg are good to have on your person "just in case." While $8 might seem like a steep price point for papers, the pre-engineered cone shape of the Rodawg pre-rolls will save the on-the-go blazer valuable time, and allow for maximum smoking capacity. Considering the volume of ground cannabis that could theoretically fit inside each of these Rodawg puppies, the product might best be enjoyed by the marijuana smoker limited on space and looking to feel some feels. 

Dabado 'Bolt' Vaporizer

Dabbing on-the-go can actually be stressful, sometimes. With all of the suite of tools required to get one's glob-game going––torch, rig, dabbing tool, butane, concentrates––finding the time and space is almost a chore. Solving each of these problems, the Bolt is portable, functional, sleek, easy-to-use, and looks pretty dang neat, too. 

Pro Tip: Whether you go for a pack of pre-rolls or a fancy vaporizing apparatus, be sure to store your on-the-go smoking devices in style.