Buyer's Guide: There's A PAX Era Pod For Everyone

Everything you need to know about the full PAX lineup.

PAX has been a forerunner in the portable vaporizer game since the company first launched in 2007. And honestly, it's not that surprising. The Stanford grads who started PAX wanted to merge design and experience into one can-do tool.

The PAX Era is no different. It's a device that empowers discreet, on-the-go extract dosing and stands out as one of the most stylish and high-functioning cannabis products currently on the market. Described by the brand as “a radical new approach to experience concentrates,” the Era is a unique experience altogether. 

What’s really cool? The Era foregoes the traditional vape cartridges that we've become accustomed to in favor of extract-filled pods exclusive to the device. These interchangeable pods are produced in partnership with different concentrate brands and are easily popped in and out of the device. The sleek, featherweight Era is also button-free, pocket-friendly (which means it won’t turn on inside your pants) and even boasts a 4-hour battery life––so it’s not going to die after only a few pulls. 

Like its flower-vaporizing predecessors, the Era is compatible with the PAX mobile app, which enables precise temperature control so users can actually experience and discern between the unique flavor profiles of different pods. The device’s unique design, features, and functionality make it a great addition to the cannabis connoisseur’s weedy toolbox. That said, it's also a relatively inexpensive vaping option for consumers just getting into cannabis, making it an all-around winner in our eyes. 

Thanks to the good people over at Cannvis I got my hands on many of the pods currently available in California, and I decided to put together this buyer's guide for the PAX Era. By grouping the pods into three distinct effects categories––AKA, the feels you get from a few pulls––finding a pod that's just right for you will be easier than ever. (You're welcome.)


Rare is it that I'll feel energized from a cannabis product––getting wired off of weed is simply not a sensation I experience very often. There are some products that indeed have me feeling elevated, though, as if I'm going through my day on a higher plane. Not-so-coincidentally, the below pods were all sourced from sativa strains, AKA that speed weed, so supercharged feelings are par for the course. 

The Pods: Bloom Farms––Sour DieselTemple––SuperCriticalC02 Chocolate, Legion of Bloom––10K Jack


Though my initial reaction to both of the below pods was, "Spicy!!!" these too had me feeling like a more driven version of myself. However, the high was less subtle, more concentrated, and lent itself well to an afternoon of deadlines and tasks. Full disclosure: I'm usually skeptical of any cannabis product marketed as inspiring creativity or something that's going to make me, like, want to go for a hike, or like, end world hunger. (This is weed, people, not Adderall.) But these hybrid-strain-origin pods definitely deliver that extra pep so desired in my step. 

The Pods: Legion of Bloom––Cindy99, Bloom Farms––SFV OG


Because the following pods were all loaded with indica extract blends, just a few pulls had me straight relaxing. Or maybe it's just that anything containing upward of 70 percent THC will have you feeling heavy. Whatever the case, it's not like you're going to be knocked out cold moments after you exhale. Think of these pods as a nice way to coast into a total relaxation zone. 

The Pods: Temple––SuperCriticalC02 Blueberry, Jetty Extracts––Sunset Sherbet, Jetty Extracts––Head Band, Legion of Bloom––Lavender, Bloom Farms––Blue Cheese

Pro Tip: Purchase your pods three at a time and lock down a vaping experience for morning, noon, and night. Also, it's worth noting that not every pod is labeled once you take it out of the box. We suggest using some small, old-school stickers like these or these to help you decipher which ones will get you lifted and which ones will bring you back down to earth. 

You can pick up all the pods we tested and several more via Cannvis right here.