Cloudious9 Wants To 'ReInvent the Vaping Industry'

The vape-startup's flagship Hydrology9 is bougie, sleek, and water-filtrated.

Coming straight out of Silicon Valley, California, vape-startup Cloudious9 claims its flagship product, the Hydrology9, delivers an "ultimate user experience" so innovative and avant-garde, it might just reinvent the vaping game as it is known today.  

Prototypes of the portable Hydrology9 vaporizer are made from borosilicate glass and aluminum. Cloudious9 says the device, slated for an early 2017 release, features an industry-first "Tunnel Tube"–––newvapespeak for "leak-resistant water-filtration system."

The Tunnel Tube, according to Cloudious9, is partly why the Hydrology9 product delivers such a refined vaping experience. 

A Cloudious9 press release describes the new-wave vape as "roughly the size of a Red Bull can." Frankly, it sort of resembles a lightsaber. Features include:

"Even heat distribution—This patent-pending solution solves a typical problem seen in today’s vaporizers by automatically distributing heat evenly and efficiently. . ."

"Precise temperature control—Precise temperature control allows users to choose and accurately maintain five stages of optimized temperatures. . ."

"Temperature integrity maintenance—This feature uses a computer chip to sense lower than desired temperatures from incoming air intake and quickly increases the temperature back to the desirable level. . ."

Will the Hydrology9 transport users to another space and time? Or simply elevate your vaping experience? Likely the latter, but any instrument of cannabis delivery with a computer chip and water-filtration-system seems pretty far out, man