High Tech Highs and Cyber Tools for the Plugged in Pot Connoisseur

The lit world is a wired world. Here's how to keep charged.

Consuming cannabis is more in vogue than ever before. Everyone smokes; or vapes, or eats, or dabs weed. Well, not literally everyone does, but literally every adult American human belongs to a demographic that does partake. And all of those demographics propelling the retail weed and ancillary industries have a buyer’s crush on sweet tech products.

"There hasn’t yet been a market that has seen such a need for technology," Meadow's David Hua tells KINDLAND. Meadow is a San Francisco, California-based cannabis-delivery startup with a heavy emphasis on digital operations.

“As the green market is coming into the white market, we have an opportunity to end prohibition on cannabis,” Hua says. “Tech really helps with that.”

Technology's perpetual need for advancement does seem to be ushering in a new age of innovations in marijuana consumption. Do you pride yourself on being an early adopter? Want to keep up-to-date as a modern, plugged-in cannabis connoisseur?

Read on and discover your new favorite high-tech highs and online avenues to navigate the contemporary weed world.

Mobile Weed Apps

The mobile marijuana app “niche” is vast and evergreen. Price-comparison apps pit collective against collective and present patients with the best deal. Dispensary-locator maps highlight all local pot shops relative to user location, and include reviews and daily specials,

New players are entering the app market on a seemingly real-time basis. In Colorado? Try Baker app to browse recreational retail and medical dispensary menus ahead of time. Place your order before you hit the brick-and-mortar, and picking up weed will never become a chore.

In California or Nevada? Get your cannabis delivered to your doorstep with a few swipes of your thumb. Find your shop. Browse the menu––concentrates, flower, edibles––and order that weed as if it were a pizza. Nugg, Eaze, Meadow, and  Speed Weed are some of the bigger players in the game. 

Florida-based High There! will connect a marijuana consumer with like-minded individuals, as will Denver, Colorado-based MassRoots, which also encourages users to share photos and videos to a massive online community. Unlike mainstream social apps, neither will boot you from the platform for documenting your stellar glass collection. 

Vaporizer Pens

Consuming cannabis on-the-go has never been so simple and convenient. This luxury is made possible, in part, by the advent of the vaporizer pen (vape pen). The futuristic devices first gained traction in the mainstream as “e-cigarettes,” and were used as a means of consuming nicotine. Flash forward a few years, and the cannabis community has furthered the innovation. Numerous science-based, technologically sound brands on the market offer vape products for concentrates, flower, or both. 


"Concentrates are shaping the future of cannabis,” Dabado’s Steven Helfer told Forbes. This foresight into weed’s wild green yonder inspired Helfer and his two brothers to launch Dabado, which specializes in electronic dabbing nails, or “e-nails.” The Denver, Colorado-based company’s revolutionary electronic nail, The Bolt, retails starting at $79. 

Online Medical Marijuana Recommendation Providers

Telehealth technology has changed how medical marijuana patients obtain doctor recommendations. Video-chat tech empowers doctors to reach patients in the virtual ether; making an online house call to the convenience and privacy of the applicant’s home. For those keeping count, the 2016 election brought the number of states with medical marijuana laws to 28, plus the District of Columbia.

Currently, California, which passed its mmj law, Proposition 215, in 1996, is the only state where patients can connect and obtain a medical cannabis recommendation via the Internet. Expect this California exclusivity to expand. HelloMD, Eaze, MeadowMD, PrestoDoctor—every one of them would love to legally take their services across state lines.

The Genius Pipe

For a pipe to qualify as a genius, the piece should be pretty smart. To convince you of their product’s brainpower, the makers of the Genius Pipe claim the pot-consumption-tool delivers a guaranteed coughless toke through a waterless filtration system that is “smart AF.” Woah. Sold!