Now You Can Use Weed To Sweeten Your Tea

High tea has never been so literal.

Of all the great weedy innovations to date––such as pre-packaged, pre-rolled joints, or marijuana delivery services powered by bicycle couriers––some of the best, most inventive-and-infused novelty wares are truly awesome because of their simplicity. This logic rings true today, as cannabis consumers can now sweeten their Earl Grey tea, and add a bit of THC, too, thanks to a product we’ll all be kicking ourselves for not thinking of first: Marijuana-infused sugar cubes. 

B-edibles founder Vanessa Corrales came up with the idea for weedy sugar cubes, after working with pounds of THC-infused sugar, in order to produce her company’s signature cannabis cotton candy

In an effort to bring the weedy and sweet cubes to the masses, Corrales says she decided to package something a little more inventive than loose canna-sugar by-the-cup. Using solventless cannabis oil and USDA-certified organic sugar, and each batch of oil is lab tested for potency and quality. For $40, you can get a tidy, 48-cube package, which are at the moment only sold in San Diego. 

At 10mg of THC per cube (480mg per box), Corrales' cubes present one with saccharine means of medicating with low-dose edibles, on the low. 

Personally, it seems as though my happy place is found in edibles that test somewhere between 2.5mg THC and 5mg THC.  I was able to achieve this nearly micro-dose simply by cutting a cube in half. Obviously, half of a sugar cube isn’t going to sweeten your tea very much, but if you’re like me, and rarely add sweeteners anyway, the cubes’ concentrated weed dosage delivered in such small packaging, makes Corrales' confections quite the win-win. And it’s not like users have to worry about mixing them up with your everyday sweeteners. Discernable by a yellowish tinge, the weedy sugar cubes don’t necessarily resemble the everyday cube, which, makes it easy to keep your sober and free-spirit sugars separate—just make sure your housemates know the difference.

Another pro tip: If you’re not the biggest fan of pot’s herbal taste, avoid using the sugar cubes with mild-flavored green and white teas. Dissolved into what’s essentially just hot water, you can taste the weed more acutely than if you simply ate the cube as-is, which I did for the sake of being thorough…ly high.

To mask the flavor, drop a cube in bolder teas, such as chai or English breakfast. Or better yet, go wild and add a cube to your favorite hot chocolate. Of course, you can’t go wrong adding a little something extra to your after-dinner espresso. Might as well, right

Corrales is all about incorporating weed into one's daily lifestyle. “I love using them with tea as soon as I get home to start winding down from the hustle and bustle,” she says. “It helps me relax and have a good night sleep.”

As Mary Poppins would say: Just a spoonful of sugar helps you get lit AF. 

All photos courtesy of Puff Puff Pass Co.