Pizza Box Pot Pipes Are Our Spirit Animal

And what Miley Cyrus would be if she could be inanimate.

Life happens at the speed of pizza.

And in 2016, time also belongs to pot, and its legalization movement. Which is on quite a kick. Go weed! But on a more relevant note to right this second: Pizza-box-pot-pipes are entering the functional game.

Probably not like, firealz firealz functional, and more so just viral AH, but still pretty chill. 

From the homegirl at Elite Daily:

"In collaboration with the Nikolas Gregory design studio, Push For Pizza created a box with a detachable cardboard flap that you can easily fold into a weed pipe shaft. You then take the plastic stand (normally used to keep the top of the box elevated) and attach that as the bowl of your pipe. The plastic stand even comes complete with a carb for better ventilation."

Images via Push for Pizza

Wait, wait, wait. Plastic? There's already enough pesticides in weed right now, there is no need in the market for a plastic bowl––even if its reclyclable. Besides, if we really wanted to smoke plastic, we would just hit up PJ, down on Alvarado and Seventh. That dude is the plastic plug. Keeps the noxious fumes on lock, low key. 

The pizza-box-pot-pipe comes from the same peeps that built the Push For Pizza app. Who are no doubt an intuitive and innovative bunch. That being said, we'll leave the role of bringing together the wonderful worlds of functional pizza, fine art, and weed to Denver-based glass artist, BMFT

To that End Pt. II: We f*cking love pizza and pot and pipes.