Supplied By 1964 Launches In Los Angeles With Limited-Release Artist Series

The brand offers craft cannabis products catered to the consumer with a creative vision.

As more creative types work weed into their lives, the artistically inclined consume the herb with specific intentions and see weed as an enlightening means to productive ends. Fun fact: A low-temp dab of a solventless sativa concentrate is actually fueling the requisite creativity behind this very post. We digress. 

Riding such waves of originality, Los Angeles-based brand Supplied By 1964 just made it's LA debut with its artist series, a limited-release product line that "features world-renowned artists, all of which have distinguished themselves in their ability to inspire and engage their audiences through their work. As kindred spirits, they create inspiration everywhere they go, from the street to the underground art scene and galleries all around the world."  

The 1964 artist series is an inspiring mix of craft cannabis flower in various strains the brand says will elicit different states of creativity: Flow, lift, tune     you name it. 

Peep the gallery above and find a retailer carrying Supplied By 1964 here

Photos courtesy of Morgan English / Canna Curious Club.