The Topstone Is The Device For The On-The-Go Dabbing Aficionado

We spoke with Topstone creator William Bosch for insight into the dab rig that resembles a light saber.

As the cannabis industry expands and states gradually increase access to the drug for medicinal and recreational use, the list of devices with which consumers use weed only becomes more diverse. This boost in weed’s relevance has spurred innovation, birthed entirely new consumption methods, and made the act of “getting high” a much more conscious act. You share a joint in social settings, pull from a vape pen to kill time, dab highly potent concentrates to kill pain, and snack on infused edibles to amplify afternoon creativity.

As a result, the extract sector has seen explosive growth in recent years and empowers producers to more thoughtfully create targeted product lines and oil blends that meet specific consumer needs. But the requisite tools one needs to dab can be bulky or are otherwise not conducive for travel. Obviously, busting out a blowtorch in a public space is far from ideal. 

Enter the Topstone, a sleek and portable device that enables on-the-go dabbing without the hassle of a rig, dabbing tool, torch, etc… To learn more about the Topstone, KINDLAND reached out to its creator, Connecticut-based former professional cyclist William Bosch. 

KINDLAND: Can you describe how you first decided to build this product, how the Topstone came into being?

William Bosch: Topstone the brand came into being when I was at home, off Topstone Road in Connecticut, sorting through my personal graveyard of vaporizers. I was in pain and just wanted something reliable to use at home. That desire for a countertop, home vaporizer drove me to create the first drawings, which became a prototype and now this product. I personally used that first prototype for two years as part of my medical recovery. And I kept the name Topstone to root it back to that moment when I was in my home thinking I wanted something clean to put this amazing concentrated medicine in. That’s a big part of what drives Topstone––matching the sophistication and cleanliness of concentrates themselves.

KINDLAND: Is there a particular concentrate product that works best with the Topstone? Crumble, shatter, oil, etc...

William Bosch: Crumble! I mean, everything works. But I’m personally a big fan of crumble because you don’t typically have to wrestle with its consistency and it doesn’t get too messy.

KINDLAND: Can you tell us about the design and manufacturing process?

William Bosch: In the beginning, we used a lot of 3D printing to get from a drawing to a functional prototype quickly. We kept the 3D printed stainless steel because it allowed us to keep a very unique design on the intake box. 3D printing lets us keep it totally custom. We’ve always been deliberate about sourcing materials from within the U.S., and we work locally in New England as much as we can. One of the machine shops we work with is right down the hill from where I now live in CT.

On the design side, I was inspired by boutique kitchen appliances and luxury bath items. Things like Rocket espresso machines or Malin+Gotez soaps. Simple things with simple functionality that enhance your everyday life. I also wanted to keep a balance between being “techy” and still fitting in at home. I didn’t want this to feel like you’re putting a spaceship or an iPhone up to your lips. That’s why we chose wood for the mouthpiece to keep organic sensations as part of the experience.

KINDLAND: How does cannabis factor into your lifestyle, how was it introduced into your wellness regimen?

William Bosch: Before Topstone, I was making my way in the professional cycling world when multiple types of parasites destroyed my GI tract. It was nasty stuff. Severe weight loss, severe weight gain, inflammation all over, severe pain and cramping all in the gut. Cannabis concentrates helped me deal with the pain and get the inflammation under control. I believe I would still be dealing with fall-out of those nasty bugs if not for concentrates.

Now, my cannabis wellness regimen is much less fraught. I still love to use concentrates as a recovery aid after being on the bike for hours. Concentrates also helped me gain some mental confidence to get back on the bike (alongside the physical healing) after the parasites fiasco.

KINDLAND: What is the next evolution of the Topstone?

William Bosch: Version 2 is on its way! The V2 prototype is almost finished. We took what we have and refined it even more. We got a lot of incredible feedback from industry and customers that has shaped the redesign process. We took the feedback and we really are integrating it. The new button is incredible, I’m so excited for you to see it. And we are switching to a charging platform, also made of bocote wood, so you can easily charge on your countertop. We’re really strengthening the concept of this vaporizer as a true countertop piece. It lives in the home, it’s about simple and strong performance, and it looks beautiful on display. 

To learn more about Topstone, click here.

All images courtesy of Sean Berrigan.