The Unofficial Cannabis Dictionary

How well do you know your ABC’s of THC and other weed slang?

There is a lot of talk about cannabis these days—especially among people who use it. To the neophyte, this weedy patois might come off as a secret code, or the high ramblings of a smoked-out brainpan. Indeed, the marijuana vernacular is ever-expanding. Of-the-moment slang is apt to be added, appended, or amended any time a cannabis thought leader lights up, forgets a word, and invents a new one.

But what does it all mean? What the hell is a trichome, or decarboxylation? Is paying the custy price on some heady glass tantamount to getting the homie hookup? Or does it mean you've been shafted out of serious dough by paying full-price for a bougie pipe?

In an effort to keep abreast of the lexicon of contemporary pot-talk, consult and memorize this unofficial cannabis dictionary. Read it fast, before someone lights up, and these terms become words that make you sound like a narc.



The flavonoids found in plant cell tissue that determine the flower's pigmentation palette. Basically, these molecules are why marijuana is different colors, sometimes.

“So like, the anthocyanins in my weed turned it auburn. Is that okay? Maybe." 

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A type of glass ideal for making pipes and bongs and rigs and other paraphernalia. The chemical combo of silica and boron trioxide is resistant to extreme temperature.

"That heady glass art is too bougie for me. I prefer a borosilicate bong.”


Adjective / adverb

This term is derived from the IRL word customer, and is used to describe one receiving absolutely zero discount, or getting the opposite of hooked-up in price, when purchasing products. 

"Yeah, dude, they custied me on this crumble. I paid $60 for a gram!"



Decarboxylation is a chemical reaction that results in the removal of carbon dioxide. This occurs when raw plant material is dried (over time) or heated. The THC in cannabis is actually non-psychoactive THC-A, until this process occurs, usually via the flame of a lighter or heat of a vape.

"Hey, if you just dump weed into a brownie mix without ensuring the process of decarboxylation, all you're going to get are some dark, dank shits."



An electronically heated "nail" tool used for dabbing cannabis concentrates.

"That square, Jeff, left my E-Nail on all night. He could have caused a fire. Way to go, Jeff."



A term of endearment used to describe actions, things, and people that one is highly fond of. 

"This Obama OG is straight fire!"

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A weed-tool, usually made of aluminum, used to break down marijuana flower (nugs) into a more powdery form, making it easier to pack into bowls and roll into joints, spliffs, blunts, or whatevz gets one feeling groovy.

"The cops pulled me over and searched my car. They found my doughnuts, but not my grinder."



adjective / adverb

This term has many meanings, but in regard to weed, it is most commonly used when describing high-end, artist-blown, functional glass art; a/k/a bougie, expensive bongs.

"My heady collection is worth $100,000. And yes, I'm a huge weed nerd." 



A brand of high-end, studio-made pipes, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, known for its colorful though ultimately no-frills design. 

"You paid how much for that Illadelph? Dude, hate to say it, but you got straight custied." 



A cannabis concentrate made from heating and pressing hash that is sometimes greasy or juice-like in consistency. 

"That jewce got me feelin’ loose.”

Keef / Kief / Kif


The usually golden, pollen powder high in THC-content that can be collected from a marijuana grinder, or by sifting flower nugs through a screen.

"Throw some keef on that piece." 



A term used from the end of the '60s counterculture era through the 1980s to describe an ounce of weed sold on the street.

"So I was standing on the corner, with Archie, flippin' lids, and the fuzz rolled up." 



Weed-induced hunger.

"Mom, what happened to your hands? I had the munchies so hard last night that I ate them."

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If you don't know, you are one. See: "Five Signs You're A Narc".

"Jeff left the E-Nail on again. What a narc!"



Ring-shaped clouds of smoke produced when an easily self-impressed showoff exhales marijuana smoke.

“Damn, dog. Peep these o-rings I’m blowin’ out.”


Pendant Pipe


A small pipe, usually glass-blown, sometimes even shaped like an ice cream cone, that is worn around the neck, on a chain. Commonly shortened to "pendy."

"Sick pendy, girl! You're really rocking that." "Thanks. Narc." 



Fused borosilicate glass ideal for making bangers (for dabbing) because it is extremely resilient under extreme temperatures.

"If you're not dabbing on quartz, kick rocks!" 



A cannabis extract produced by applying extreme, heated pressure to flower nugs.

"Yo, your squish game is strong. How'd you make this rosin?" "With a hair straightener." 


A large quantity of concentrates, usually used when making reference to shatter.

"Yo dawg, we live that slab life." "Okay, cool, but I just asked for the time. Please calm down?"

Trim Run


Excess plant-matter and small pieces of flower buds gathered during a harvest, and collected while trimming. Usually this would-be waste is used in making low-end cannabis concentrates.

"I mean, for being trim run, that orange tangie shatter is decent." 



The sound one makes perhaps an hour after eating an unexpectedly strong dose of edibles. Usually accompanied by a facial expression that suggests profound discomfort and regret merging into panic.

"Uggh, I feel like death." 



A method of consumption that heats cannabis and/or hash oil without the presence of a flame.

"Hey, Grandma, that's a cool vaporizer pen, where did you get it?" "Thanks, Jeff. I got it online. Now turn off the E-Nail."



A term used to describe a large amount of weed and/or other drugs.

"I'm in the H.O.V. lane cause it's me and my work."



A sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis cross-bred from Jack Herrer and G13, known for inspiring many a chill session.

"Yooooooooooooo. . ." 



How one should respond when asked if they'd like more weed, another hit. 

"Hey, Becky, want to try this XJ-13?" "Yessir!" 



A glass bong that is blown in such a fashion its shape resembles the letter "Z."

"I'll bet Zorro would smoke out of a zong." "Dude, you're way too high. But yeah, he totally would."