This Is What CBD-Infused Honey Was Made For

Luce Farms' hemp honey is all you need heading into these oncoming cold winter months.

First we introduced you to weed sugar, otherwise known as cannabis-infused sugar cubes, which are sweet on many levels and easily dosed by medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers alike. But the catalogue of cannabis-laden treats continues to expand as more and more states go green, and Vermont's Luce Farms contributes to these efforts with artisanally produced CBD-infused honey. 

The brand prioritizes the health of the landscape to churn out high-quality products for eco-conscious canna-connoisseurs. It all started back in November 2015 when founders Joe and Rebecca Pimentel teamed up with their friend, Tyler Wakstein, to cultivate the farmland into a legitimate cannabis grow-op. Now they use the 200-acre property to cultivate organic hemp high in non-psychoactive cannabidiol, or CBD.

Using a CO2 extraction process, the Pimentels distill oil that delivers CBD's wide spectrum of benefits while remaining free of would-be residual solvents. Once they complete that process, they blend the CBD-heavy extract with coconut oil before ultimately infusing the healthful concoction with raw Vermont honey. 

Apparently, this process creates CBD honey that retains the benefits of all its ingredients while maintaining a smooth texture. On it's own, honey contains anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Which means that Luce Farms’ special cannabis-infused blend is that much more of a powerful tool to add into your flu-fighting arsenal this winter.

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