This Is What Pot Pipes Are Made Of: A KINDLAND Taste Test

Let's all get lit out of a bunch of different bongs!

At this point in weed history, the pipe—in its myriad bong, rig, one-hitter, bubbler, and etc. forms—transcends its role as a simple tool with which a user delivers THC into the system, and becomes, in some regards, a functional fashion statement. What you smoke out of can say a lot about the person you are. (Well, maybe it says about as much as one of those quizzes you see all over Facebook.)

While the newbie blazes down on dirty grass from a soda can in the garage, the connoisseur dabs high-end concentrates out of heady, artist-blown glass. One company even took being a "MacGyver stoner" to an entirely new level and fashioned a pipe out of components from a pizza box. The cannabis community is inventive, to say the least.

To summarize, the landscape of ways in which to consume "the loud" has always been vast, increasingly innovative, and also completely personal. Pipes, like the people using them, come in varying colors, shapes, sizes, and styles.

Which is why, in the name of heady research, the KINDLAND editorial staff got lit on a few of the innovative inhaler tools lighting up retail shelves in the modern paraphernalia space. And we smoked weed out of some classic setups, too.


Grav Labs (via)

When it comes to preserving the flavor of pot, while firing the flower to produce an inhalable blast of pungent and magical smoke, glass is the only option. Even the most basic borosilicate hand-pipe, if blown properly and cleaned regularly, will provide an enjoyable cannabis experience. Sure, in today’s weed world, glass can become fairly expensive. Some pieces can cost as much as a semester of college tuition. #priorities But the right bong, packed with the right weed, and smoked to the right song––can be enough to turn a horrible Monday morning into a great start to the week. And you know, bring out the feels.  


Haciendaware Ceramic (via)

Unless the ceramic pipe was the only available option, we’ll pass on clay when smoking pot. The idea of not being able to see the smoke filling the chamber of a bong is scary. Meh. We’re good on this.


Monkey Pipe (via)

The wooden pipe would be ideal if we were a character from a Norman Rockwell painting, but just didn’t really do it for us. The sneak-a-toke style “monkey pipe” definitely wins points for being incognito; ideal for a quick hit, with enough of a packer to save another toke for later. As far as we’re concerned, though, bring one of these in the backpack for your next camping or hiking trip, but if blazing down on-the-go is your style, you might as well invest in a portable vaporizer, or a bushel of apples.


Roll-Uh-Bowl (via)

The silicone bong that we tried receives portability points––it rolled up when not in use––but we were also unsure if we were supposed to smoke out of this thing, or if it was a sex toy. The aesthetics of the silicone bong resembles how we imagine the inside of flashlight might look. But also, it got us stoned; so it’s not like we’re mad at the silicone bong or anything.