Weedy Cotton Candy Is Everything That's Right in the World

Carnival food + weed = everything.

It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to know the best part about carnivals is the over-the-top food. To really enjoy fried anything, though, you want to be blazed out of your mind—that’s just Carnival Skills 101. But because this is 2017 and things are looking up, one genius from San Diego got the idea to combine every fun-loving stoner’s favorite things: weed and cotton candy (or as fancy (i.e. British) people like to call it, candy floss). KINDLAND had a chat with Vanessa Corrales, founder of B-edibles, about the inspiration behind possibly the greatest weedy carnival snack of all time. 

KINDLAND: What inspired you to put cannabis and cotton candy together? (And how did I not think of that first?!)
Vanessa Corrales:
Well, there are two parts to this answer depending on what side of the rainbow I'm in! I started a non-medicated cotton candy catering business early last year where we do onsite spinning for weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, corporate events, etc., but medicating wasn't my initial intention.

It turns out it's easier to talk about cannabis when you start talking about cotton candy first, so it just ended up being a smart move. My focus is to inform and empower Latinas about the health benefits of cannabis and help end the stigma around consuming cannabis. B-edibles focuses on the message of being your higher self, being silly, being creative, being pain-free, and being you! Infused cotton candy has allowed me to be creative and spread the cannabis love to my community.

KINDLAND: What’s the process for infusing cannabis into candy floss?
Vanessa Corrales: Candy Floss starts with two main ingredients: organic sugar and lab-tested, CO2-extracted cannabis. We then create all-natural flavors, hand mix everything together, and infuse it with love. I come up with the flavor ideas and local chef, Rachel Feil helps make them a reality! Our fairy floss machines are set to a specific temperature that keeps both the flavor and cannabis from burning off when spinning the floss.

KINDLAND: What’s your favorite flavor?
Vanessa Corrales: My favorite flavor is Rose Petals and Lavender. They both are sweet, different, and make my taste buds have a dance party. My patients’ favorite flavor is Watermelon, though.

KINDLAND: When can we expect all of our favorite crazy carnival foods to be packed with weed?
 Corrales: Well, I've seen medicated popcorn, cotton candy, donuts—but no fried pickles or Twinkies yet!

KINDLAND: How can we get cannabis floss in our mouths ASAP?
Corrales: Just be magical... Oh yeah, and live in California and be a medical marijuana patient.