Wish List: Luxe Cannabis Products For Your Bougiest Self Or Friends

Products for those with refined taste and an unabashed love of weed.

For some, gift-shopping can be capital D–difficult. This is especially true when the names on our list are neither naughty nor nice but bougie as hell. These are the friends with champagne tastes, name-brand aspirations, first-class frequent flyer miles, and an appreciation for life’s finer things. We love this type of homie all the same, but shopping for them is a whole different game.

Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to bougie weed products, so even if you're far from being bougie yourself, we've got your gift list covered. 

The Tree Trunk Co. Storage Box

This individually handcrafted, 40-pound storage box is made from black walnut wood, so that should tell you something right off the bat. It also has custom interior and exterior lights, airtight, ultraviolet glass jars, a secure lock, and a USB port. This is basically the classiest way to store your weed and cannabis-adjacent goods. Don’t feel like dropping more than two racks but still want a stylish stash box? Tree Trunk Co. also offers the Tree Trunk Mini.
Price: $2,250 / $299 mini
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Beboe Gift Box

Beboe––the "for celebrities, by celebrities" cannabis brand––dropped a gift box just in time for the holidays. The curated Beboe box comes with two single-use disposable vaporizers (sativa blend for social use, indica blend for downtime) and THC/CBD-infused pastilles for some high-end edible indulgence.
Price: $100
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Défoncé Chocolate Bars

Artisanally crafted chocolate bars infused with cannabinoids extracted from sun-grown, single-origin cannabis. If there's a heaven, this is what the housekeeping leaves on your pillow each night. Défoncé Chocolatier’s elevated bars also come in a range of flavors––vanilla, hazelnut, milk, matcha, dark, and coffee, among other eloquently lit seasonal offerings. The best part: Each easily dosed serving has 10mg THC for a sweet, subtle high.
Price: $30/3.5 oz. bar
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Canndescent Limited Edition Gift Box

Canndescent’s flower products are the weed offering for the consumer who is keen to get stoned but hesitant to give up control of the steering wheel. The premium California brand asks a simple question: How do you want to feel? Then they deliver reliable results via Calm, Cruise, Connect, Create, and Charge flower lines. According to Canndescent, “This allows both experts and novices alike to curate, control, and enrich their cannabis journey.” Each strain-specific batch is said to provide a high inspired by its namesake. In our eyes, the media-dubbed “Courvoisier of cannabis” makes for one bougie gift.
Price: $300 (5-pack)
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Mondo Low Dose Cannabis Powder

Guess what chicken butt: Cannabis comes in powder form now. Say what!?!?!? Yep, and it's all thanks to Mondo, whose flagship Euphoric product is a dissolvable, low-calorie powder that can be mixed into your favorite foods and drinks. Add a dose of Mondo to your morning matcha and elevate your meditation or yoga session like never before. Gift it on its own or add it to a curated mix of teas, salves, elixirs, and other vehicles of self-love.
Price: $40
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Lowell Farms Ounce Tasting Flight

Nothing says bougie like an ounce of artisanally grown, autumn harvest flower presented as a curated tasting flight of strains separated into 8 eighths. Airtight glass jars maintain the integrity and freshness of the Lowell Farms, California-grown craft cannabis. We should expect nothing less from the brand that first brought us the cannabis bouquet.
Price: $300
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Firefly 2 Vaporizer 

The Firefly 2, which comes in a classy gold (among other colors), is often described as the “iPhone of vaporizers." No joke, it's no toy. In less than five seconds, the Firefly 2’s convection technology heats flower or concentrates to the perfect temperature to truly experience the unique flavor profiles found in cannabis.
Price: $330 
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OK, so you've picked a bougie gift that's perfect for your fancy AF friend. Before you're done and ready to hand that sucker off, remember presentation is everything. You could go the classic route and wrap it in gold paper, or you could go above and beyond and wrap that shit up with a vintage cravat. Nothing says "my hobbies include getting lifted at polo tournaments" like a weedy gift swaddled with a vintage cravat.