Wish List: What To Buy For The Cannabis Newbies In Your Life

They may be noobs but they still deserve the joy of herb this year.

Whether you're all about sleek vapes, or fat blunts are your ride-or-die, we can all agree on one thing: gift shopping can be fun, or the worst. The malls are overstuffed with equally bloated and emotionally drained people, the rampant consumerism is soul-sucking, and from start to finish you have no clue what you're doing. We all know this because we've all been there. 

It doesn't have to be that way. Instead of running around town searching for random junk, consider introducing your friends and family to the magic of cannabis. Thanks to an explosion of brands that cater to all types of newcomers, there's truly something for every noob on your list. 

Lord Jones Edibles

Who they're for: The grandma who’s into fancy everything.
Why it's the perfect gift: Whether she’s expressed interest in blazing down or could use some pain relief, Lord Jones has everything your fancy grandma needs. The lush packaging might betray the products’ moderate THC and CBD content, but after sampling the Lord Jones line of goods many times ourselves, we can assure you that these qualify as medicinal. From low-dose, gourmet chocolates to soothing topicals, it's not like your Nana is going to be blazed out of her noggin.
Where to get them: Lord Jones Caramels (and other goodies) can be ordered online or from select retails in California.

LEVO Oil Infuser

Who it's for: The mom who likes to bake up a storm.
Why it's the perfect gift: Sure, you could always pass your mom a joint and hope for the best, but in the long game of getting your momma (back) on the weed train, thoughtfulness is key. And in this case, thoughtfulness comes in the form of an easy-to-use, culinary oil infusion device. As we’ve said in the past, the LEVO is the Keurig of cannabutter, which means it’s easier than ever to make cannabis infused edibles (think weed brownies, but elevated) that actually taste good. That said, if your mom’s more about that spa life than baking, you can always show her how to whip up a weed-infused lavender scrub with the LEVO.
Where to get it: LEVO can be ordered online right here.

Island Premiums Pre-Rolls

Who they're for: The brother you’re not-so-subtly trying to wean off cigarettes.
Why it's the perfect gift: Instead of giving your family members flak for sucking on cancer sticks, why not offer up a healthier alternative? For those who are open to trying new things but have yet to master the art of rolling a joint, Island’s “Premiums” line of pre-rolls may be just the thing to try. The upgraded marijuana cigarettes look like tobacco cigarettes’ identical twin, but pack all the health benefits of ganja and none of the junk that’ll destroy your lungs. Los Angeles-based Island also makes a CBD Premiums product, which as your brother is now well aware, won't even get him high.
Where to get them: Island pre-rolls can be delivered via Eaze or found here.

Bark Avenue Treats

Who they're for: The aunt with the hyperactive terrier.
Why it's the perfect gift: You’re a weed aficionado, so again, you already know all about the calming powers of CBD. For dog and pet owners, the cannabinoid is a secret weapon when it comes to smooth travel and relaxed evenings in with Fido. Bark Avenue’s treats in particular pack a hearty dose of THC's non-psychoactive cousin into an adorable bone-shaped treat. Give it to the dog lovers in your life and reap the benefits of chillaxed pooches. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
Where to get them: Bark Avenue treats can be ordered online here.

Moonman's Mistress Cookies 

Who they're for: The super healthy cousin who won’t STFU about his juicing regimen (and Santa).
Why it's the perfect gift: Moonman's Mistress makes “cookies” that would be accurately described by pretty much every trendy health term you can think of. The cannabis edibles are vegan, gluten-free, organic, paleo, soy-free, and low-glycemic. They also come in a range of flavors from chocolate chip to pumpkin pecan. And with only 10mg of THC or CBD per cookie, Moonman's Mistress presents consumers and health nut cuzzos with an easy way to dip a toe in the edible game without disrupting that micronutrient regimen.
Where to get them: Moonman's Mistress Cookies can be picked up at a handful of retailers in California.

Van der Pop CLEAN Serum

Who it's for: The friend who’s all about essential oils.
Why it's the perfect gift: Now that essential oils are all the rage in the beauty industry, there’s a smorgasbord of oil-packed products to choose from. Van der Pop goes the extra mile with a serum that contains sunflower, grapeseed, rosehip, ylang ylang—and cannabis oil with a high-CBD content, of course. You get all of that and hydrated skin for the relatively low price of $55. As a bonus, you can pick up a bottle online and have it delivered directly to your doorstep.
Where to get it: Pick up a bottle of the Van der Pop's CLEAN serum here.

FORIA Pleasure

Who it's for: The hippie sister who gives you way too much sex advice.
Why it's the perfect gift: It’s hard to find perfect gifts for the sexperts in our lives, but there’s one product everyone can use, and that’s lube. But why mess around with any ordinary sex lube when you can get a THC-infused lubricant that will literally give you all the feels? FORIA’s Pleasure line does just that and more. If you're feeling extra generous this year, order up a batch of FORIA Awaken as well, which contains no THC but rather a blend of 8 all natural aphrodisiacs for an added kick. 
Where to get it: You can order a bottle (or three) of FORIA Pleasure right here.

Breez Mints

Who it's for: The corporate, suit-wearing uncle.
Why it's the perfect gift: Until cannabis use becomes a mainstay in the workplace, we have super-subtle infused mints to keep us sane. Breez Mints are light on the marijuana iconography, heavy on mint flavor, and with only 5MG of THC are virtually the easiest way to microdose cannabis. With a barely-there hint of the herb, you might not even realize you’re eating a weed mint—until it melts away your pain and anxiety, that is.
Where to get them: Breez Mints are sold all over the Golden State.

Whenever you gift THC to your loved ones, remember to also give them the low-down on how to imbibe like a reasonable person. Tell them to start small and go slowly with 5mg being a good place to start. The holidays make us crazy enough, so we don't need anyone tripping balls on Santa's lap—unless you're into that kind of thing. The goal is to stay safe, merry, and blissed out.