Snapchat Spectacles Are Only for Action-Packed Cool People

Seriously, you’d be so boring.

Snapchat (now called Snap Inc.) revealed its first hardware product this weekend. Basically, cool-looking Snapchat glasses that will shoot 10-second Snapchat Memories videos for you just by tapping a button. No word yet on when you can actually buy these spectacles, although the company says, “soon,” and that they’ll release only a small quantity. The quick-recording eyewear will run you $130 and come in black, teal, and coral.

The connected glasses record Snapchat videos with a 115-degree lens, capturing a view that is similar to the way humans actually see things. You just have to tap the button on the top left-hand corner of the glasses. Your 10-second snippet has begun recording. If you want more, just keep hitting the button. The battery on the Spectacles will last you about a day. You don’t have to carry your phone on you to use the spyware eyewear to record and save your videos.

Sure, this sound a lot like the flopped Google Glass, but judging by Snap’s very cool-California ad here, it might just work.

Also, there’s a lot of other questions like: What if I don’t skateboard? What the fuck will these glasses really see? Me and my buddies sitting around and smoking weed? Also, like, you know, porn/sex stuff question. Anyway, it’s all TBD, and chances are you’ll never use a pair of these, but it’s sure nice to imagine yourself with a life that would warrant such glasses.