Spoiler Report: A $55M Bridge to Save L.A.'s Mountain Lions, More

Ohio is also back on the path to legal pot.

Take Two: Marijuana Policy Project Lays Out Plan for Ohio Legalization
Under a proposed constitutional amendment with sights set on the November 2016 ballot, Ohioans would legally be able to procure medical marijuana with a physician's approval. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, more than one dozen qualifying conditions would be recognized by the state, including post traumatic stress disorder. [Cleveland.com]

A $55M Bridge Could Be Like Tinder for L.A.’s Mountain Lions
Construction and development is taking a toll on the mountain lion population of the Santa Monica Mountains. A proposed natural bridge project that would link existing mountain lion populations in neighboring mountain ranges could be the lions' saving grace. [The Washington Post]

A Non-Profit Is Raising Nearly Half a Million Dollars to Buy a Kilo of MDMA
The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies a/k/a MAPS, is hosting “psychedelic dinner parties” to raise money to purchase a kilo of MDMA to be used in clinical trials in experiments that would prove MDMA to be useful in psychotherapy. MAPS has a set a 2021 goal to legalize the drug that has gained notoriety for its popularity among music festival bros. [THUMP]

Bill to Ban Edibles Burns in Wyoming Legislature
Looks like our friends in Wyoming won’t have to resort to eating buffalo chips in order to get stoned after all. According to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle: “SF 96 was one of the last bills listed for the House afternoon session. It originally had proposed making possession of one pound of marijuana edibles a felony punishable by five years in prison.” [Wyoming Tribune Eagle]

Weed and Sex Together Again
Another magazine wonders if marijuana can indeed save your sex life and the answer is: Probably, but also it couldn’t. Weed is for some people. It's not for others. The same goes for letting pot penetrate your sex life. And bodily orifices. [Mens Journal]

D.A.R.E Is Having an Image Crisis
The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program put out a statement Tuesday dispelling the notion that it doesn’t think weed is still a gateway drug.The confusion comes from a round of Internet articles claiming the organization removed language from its site designating pot as a path to heroin and such. In one interview, the D.A.R.E. rep didn’t even know who managed the website, or if the message had actually been there ever. D.A.R.E. responded Tuesday by saying, “F*ck no! Weed can still kill kids!” We’re paraphrasing, of course. But that’s basically it. [D.A.R.E.]